Schlitterbahn East (New Park), New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn Waterpark had it’s beginnings along the Comal River in a small section of New Braunfels with only a few attractions.  The cold spring water and popular rides meant that they soon outgrew their humble footprint in the city, and a second park was built just a few blocks down the street.

Schlitterbahn East, as it is called, offers guest a more modern approach to a waterpark that they have come to expect.  However, the fast rides, wild rivers and contagious laughter assure you that you are indeed at Schlitterbahn!

Check out my Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit!

Know Before You Go

Free Parking and Free Shuttle to both parks

Coolers are allowed at no extra charge!


Where to Park

Parking at Schlitterbahn East is rough.  The parking lot fills up by 10am everyday.  Schlitterbahn recommends you park at Schlitterbahn West and use the shuttle, which is great if you are doing both parks that day.

Here’s my advice if you are only doing Schlitterbahn East.  Arrive early.  Really, early.  Early enough to get a GREAT parking spot, then walk down the 5 blocks (stop groaning, it’s under 1/2 a mile) to Union Street Station for breakfast.  You won’t go wrong with the pancakes or biscuits and gravy, or an omelet off their extensive list! If you have time afterwards, explore around Prince Solms Park, home of the Tube Chute!  Then get back to Schlitterbahn, because the ticket line is already forming.

Park as close to the Tower Rides as you can, and enter from here.  You don’t need a map to find them, it’s the big tower with rides on it.



When those gates open, and everyone rushes inside, don’t worry about finding a perfect table, just throw your stuff on the closest one as you pass by and head for the Tower Rides.

Schlitterbahn East doesn’t have the great trees and shady places to linger at your table, which is okay, because there is SO much else to do!  You can spend time trying to deduce the angle of the afternoon sun for the time of year of your visit, but all the while the line is getting longer for the Master Blaster.  Just drop and GO!

Coolers are welcome at all Schlitterbahn Parks!  No glass or alcohol, please

Splash Cash is an easy way to pay for food or drinks in Schlitterbahn, and leave your credit card locked up in a locker, car or hotel room.  You can add cash to your waterproof Splash Cash card, and use it while in the park.  At the end, they will refund you any cash you didn’t spend, now isn’t that nice?!


The Tower Rides

This is why I am rushing you!  The 3 tower rides are located in Blastenhoff Tower, and the lines get L-O-N-G, so ride these as early as possible!  Get in line for the Master Blaster first, because it’s the most popular.  In fact, this uphill water coaster is the most popular in the country, consistently voted best ride in America.  The line can reach over 4 hours (that’s correct, not a typo) in the afternoon.  The Black Knight and Wolfpack Raft Slide are also located on Blastenhoff.


The River Rides

Schlitterbahn East has 3 amazing river rides, and there is nothing lazy about any of their rivers.  In The Torrent, you can swim or float in a tube, but be prepared for powerful and fast moving water!  The Torrent is located just under Blastenhoff Tower.

The Falls is said to be the longest water ride in the world.  It mixes slow floats with really fast moving water and some fun descents, simulating a wild float on a river.  It traverses almost the entire park.  In place of a line, you can cool off and play in the water while waiting for a tube.  I’ve heard some people complain about this, but I would take splashing in the water over standing in a line any day!  The Falls is located behind Blastenhoff Tower, near the Comal River.

Young children and babies are NOT allowed to share a tube with you, so PLEASE bring a life jacket!

Take a minute to walk across the bridge at The Falls and down to the Comal River, to be amazed and amused at ALL the people tubing on the river!  This part of the park is open to the public, and it’s fun to take a few minutes to just sit and watch.  Better yet, start planning your own river tubing adventure!


Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride

Be sure and give Boogie Bahn a try!  It’s really exciting, even if your ride only last for a few seconds!

If you don’t get the hang of it right away, be sure and ask the lifeguards in the shack with the spectators, they will be happy to give you a few pointers!


The Dragon’s Revenge

The Dragon’s Revenge is a theme ride, and it’s the best theme water ride I’ve ever seen.

This isn’t really a tip, so much as a antedote.  My daughter, who plans to major in “annoying” in college,  had spent most of the day on one trip ruthlessly splashing the lifeguards.  The Dragon’s Revenge became the Lifeguard’s Revenge that day, as one of the LG’s stopped her 2 person tube about half-way through the ride, and turned it around so that she and her friend finished the ride backwards!

Schlitterbahn West

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Schlitterbahn East Waterpark   

588 S Union Ave, New Braunfels

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