The Salt Palace, Grand Saline

Salt Palace in Grand Saline Morton Salt

Tucked under North East Texas is a huge salt dome, a leftover from a prehistoric ocean that once covered most of Texas.  Today, the dome sits beneath towns, farms and interstates, and the town of Grand Saline is so proud of their geological feature that they built a palace from it! It’s the only building in the world made of salt blocks!

Salt Palace in Grand Saline Morton Salt

It’s actuallly more a small building made with big rocks of salt, that today houses a museum and Visitors Center.  It’s a fun stop along the road.


Know Before You Go

Open 6 days a week – closed Sundays.


One of the favorite things to do at the Salt Palace is to “lick” the salt stones. I haven’t tried it, myself.

Morton Salt is the town’s largest employer, and huge salt mines exist under the town, for hundreds of feet.  They once allowed tours, but not any longer.

Grand Saline definitely celebrates its salt, with the annual Salt Festival each summer.

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The Salt Palace  

100 W Garland St, Grand Saline  

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