Hiking the Devil’s Backbone Trail at Inks Lake State Park, Burnet

I love this hike for the great views of Inks Lake, even though it’s a popular hike with plenty of traffic. It comes in around 3 miles out and back, if we make the complete loop on Valley Spring Trail. Rated Easy to Moderate, it’s a neat hike that follows Spring Creek with plenty of places to stop along the creek and relax, or let the kids play in the water. It’s also dog-friendly! Best of all, the trail begins and ends at the Devil’s Waterhole, one of the best swimming holes, and a great place to cool off after a hike!

Know Before You Go

Inks Lake is a popular park, and fills up quickly both for camping and day use. Make reservations or arrive early before they fill up.

There’s not a lot of parking at the trailhead. Arrive early or be patient, or be prepared to hike to the hike.

There are restrooms and showers in the parking lot.

For a longer hike, take the Woodlands Trail and Pecan Flats Trail, at the South end of the park. Both trails are rated Moderate.

Keep your eyes open to spot a unique little lizard in the park, the zebra-tailed lizard! A small brown lizard, the bottom of their tail is white with black crossbars, resembling a zebra. When approached, they will raise their tail to show their colors and move it back and forth to distract a predator, and can even run a short distance on their back 2 legs!

The state park offers camping, fishing, water recreation and much more!

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Inks Lake State Park

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