San Antonio’s Most Haunted Hotels

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In a city whose very existence is made famous by a legendary battle and loss of life, you can’t help but expect to find a few good ghost stories!  If your visit to the Alamo City has you hunting for something a little supernatural, here’s 7 amazing hotels to explore in search of things that go bump in the night, if you dare!

person s hand touching wall
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While I personally haven’t had a single paranormal experience at any of these properties, my family and I have had a lot of fun anticipating one, and a few sleepless nights wondering if anything might happen, especially when the kids want to sleep in bed with you, just in case!  We have had a great time over the years asking the staff at each of the hotels for any of their personal experiences, and while we don’t know if the best of the stories are true or just made up to scare the kids, it’s always fun!

1. The Crockett Hotel   I love their rock-outlined swimming pool, my kids love the Texas shaped waffles, but just steps from The Alamo, the Crockett Hotel has long been known as one of the most haunted places in San Antonio.  Some say the ghost of Davy Crockett himself haunts the hotels, but according to the staff, the majority of the events happen in the area around the bar.

2.  Emily Morgan Hotel © 2020 Hilton Certainly one of the most beautiful hotels in San Antonio, with a flat iron design and gnarly gargoyles crawling up the outside of the building, the Emily Morgan was built in the area surrounding The Alamo in the 1920’s, and no one can deny that beneath the hotels beauty and elegance there is a feeling of reverence for the events that happened here during the Texas Revolution.  However, this building has had it’s own share of events!  Originally built as a medical arts building, it housed not only doctors but also a morgue for years before it was converted into a hotel.  The 13-floor hotel superstitiously omits the 13th floor, as well as room #1408, whose numbers add up to, you guessed it, 13!  The most haunted floors are said to be 14, 12 and 7, which is rumored to have once been the psychiatric wing of the hospital!  The basement is off limits to guest, although staff claim to have strange and unexplained experiences and many refuse to go alone.

3.  Gunter Hotel (Marriott)  At this Historic San Antonio Hotel, Room 636 was the sight of a gruesome and still unsolved murder in the 1960’s!  For a sleepless night, you can even special request the room!  To read more about it, click HERE.

4. Hotel Gibbs  While I’ve never stayed at the Hotel Gibbs, I have stayed here in it’s short and former life as the Hotel Indigo Alamo.  The hotel now sits on the property that was once part of The Alamo Compound, and as such, ghost from both Texas and Mexico have been reportedly seen by guest.

5.  Menger Hotel  One of the most historic hotels in San Antonio, the 1859 Menger hotel has it’s ghost stories as well!  The hotel boast over 32 different specters, including the ghost of Theodore Roosevelt himself, who frequented the hotel and bar during his assignment in Texas as a Rough Rider!  Another high-profile apparition is that of Richard King, owner of the King Ranch, the largest ranch in Texas.  King was a frequent guest of the hotel, he even had his own suite, and his funeral was held in the hotel parlor.  Hotel guest can now stay in the King Ranch Suite and often report seeing him enter the room!

6.  St Anthony Hotel (Marriott)  While several ghost are said to haunt the hotel, most of them remain unnamed, except for one.  Remember the poor, unnamed woman murdered at the Gunter Hotel?  Well, her assailant escaped to the St Anthony Hotel, where he shot himself in Room 536, but is said to still linger there today!

7.  Victoria’s Black Swan Inn host some of the best parties and special events in San Antonio, especially those with a paranormal theme!  Guest can tour the historic property, including the haunted Dairy Barn, and inside the home, which has several known resident ghost.  They also have several special events each year and guest will even camp out on the land known to be the site of the Battle of Salado.

Holiday Inn Express San Antonio haunted the former hanging jail

8. Holiday Inn Express, 120 Camaron St., San Antonio Once the San Antonio City Jail, this now converted hotel still has a few reminders of it’s old days, when the city didn’t want outside hangings so they were done inside the building, with a drop door and a public viewing platform. This was not my favorite hotel on the list, but a definite if you’re looking for ghost on a budget! It’s on all the San Antonio Ghost tours for a reason!

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