You Can Camp With Llamas at this Scenic Texas Campground.

Set on a grassy, rolling pasture near Cedar Creek Lake, Llama Land is a fun new way to camp! While you can still spend days fishing, hiking and counting the stars at night, during the day you can enjoy sharing your campsite with the 30 llamas that call it home!

Llama Land Ranch in Tool

Llama Land gives you the option of camping out in the pasture with the llamas, which will mostly leave you alone unless you have a treat for them, or camping in one of the wooded campsites away from the llamas!

Llama Land Ranch Campgrounds in Tool lets you camp with Llamas

Of course, who wouldn’t want this beauty in your camp with you!

You can feed and camp with the llamas at Llama Land Ranch in Tool

Owners will bring you treats to feed the llamas! Llama Land is located in Tool, Tx., just minutes from Cedar Creek Lake.

Peaceful setting to camp with the llamas in Tool

Camping never seems so peaceful! Campers can choose from over 8 different campsites on 50 acres, with plenty of room to spread out! All the campsites are primitive, meaning no electricity or water, but they do have grills and firepits. Be prepared to drive across the pastures in your car to the campsites. There is a very clean outhouse on property. Owners Pat and Judy are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and live on site with their llamas, dogs, and cats, so don’t be surprised if one of the pets comes out to say hello!

You’re close enough to Cedar Creek Lake, and the town of Seven Point for anything you need. I recommend lunch at Vernon’s Lakeside, which has a big waterfront patio and boat slips if you’re out on the lake!

Cedar Creek Lake host the annual Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Airshow each July.

Llama Land Ranch

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