The Best Places To See Wildlife In Fort Worth

adorable prairie dog near hole on sunny day

Fort Worth might be known as Cowtown, but the town “Where the West Begins” has a lot to offer for those seeking to find wildlife, also! From playful prairie dogs to silent alligators sliding through the Trinity River, there are plenty of opportunities for safe wildlife viewing at a distance around Fort Worth! Do remember that these are wild animals, and should not be approached or fed. Wild animals need to remember to Social Distance, too.

adorable prairie dog near hole on sunny day
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White Tailed Deer While feeding deer is a definite no-no, it’s always fun to see them grazing in the yards around the Fort Worth Nature Center, and out at Eagle Mountain Lake Park, which is FREE and offers 5 miles of hiking trails overlooking the lake. Frequent hiker and visitor to Eagle Mountain Lake Park, Natalie Bierman says, “The best time is at dusk. We see them almost every time we go. They are everywhere around that time!”. You might also see a friendly armadillo and plenty of happy lizards along the trail.

Prairie Dogs Once almost a nuisance in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, the only public place to spot them now in at the Fort Worth Nature Center along the 1 mile Prairie Trail. Pack plenty of water, as there’s almost no shade, and don’t forget a pair of binoculars to enjoy watching these cute little animals.

Bald Eagles In 2019 a bald eagle was spotted numerous times on Lake Benbrook, and I myself spotted one in Arlington, while I was sitting on Collins in traffic. It flew up out of the Trinity River, did a semi circle over the car in front of me, and then headed off towards viridian lake. Bald Eagles, which are making a comeback in Texas, usually arrive each Late October-Early November to the same nest as the year before, hatch and raise their young before heading North in the Spring.

Alligators The area around Fort Worth Nature Center and Lake Worth are the best places to spot alligators, and you’ll almost most definitely need to be on a boat, canoe or kayak to spot one of these prehistoric giants sunning on the waters edge. Remember, it is illegal to hurt, harass, provoke, or feed these wild animals, and it’s just not wise to get too close. Mother alligators can be very aggressive in the spring while nesting and with her young.

Bobcats One of the best places to spot a bobcat is on the trails at River Legacy Park in Arlington, but in Fort Worth an early morning or late afternoon round of golf at Waterchase Golf Course, which backs up to the Trinity River, might earn you a sighting.

Wild Turkeys Marion Sansome Park below the Lake Worth dam in the evening is a great time to at least hear these boisterous birds.

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