A Water-Spewing Volcano Is Just One Reason To Visit This DFW Waterfront Restaurant on Lake Lewisville!

DFW is not known for their waterfront restaurants, but on Lake Lewisville in Little Elm, the Hula Hut offers up a great menu featuring their twist on Tex-Mex with Surfer-Style! The fun covered but open-air patio is a great place for an afternoon lunch or weekend dinner, plus your kids will love the fun shark, lights and water-erupting volcano!

The Hula Hut offers a great, lake-side vibe from their fun patio on the lagoon, overlooking Lake Lewisville!

They share the same great menu and beach-vibe as the Austin location!


It’s the perfect destination for something to eat and drink after a fun day at the nearby Little Elm Beach Park! The park, which is FREE on weekdays, has a soft-sand beach, swimming area, volleyball courts, a concession stand and even paddleboard rentals from DFW Surf.


During the day the volcano spews water on a regular interval, but in the evenings is when the real show begins, with lights, sounds and the erupting mist from the volcano!


We choose seating in the covered patio, which is where just about everyone was seated.  There was a terrific breeze, assisted by open windows and fans, and everyone seemed very comfortable.

This was the view from our table, looking out to Hydrous Waterpark!


Here’s the view from another table across the patio, of the volcano during an eruption!


The Hula Hut calls their food, Mexonisian Style, and apparently Mexonisian Style includes complementary chip and chunky hot sauce!  it was SO good.  


A few of my favorites are the Shrimp Pipeline Enchilada, and the Surfer Salad with fresh grilled mahi mahi!

The waitstaff always seems fun and attentive, too! Why wouldn’t you have fun working in a place like this?


After we ate, I had a few minutes to walk around and get pictures of the interior, where it’s not surprising, because they have such a great patio, but very few people were seated inside!


They did have a great view, though!

This is the patio where we sat, they could also see the volcano, shark and the lake out beyond that!


Know Before You Go

Expect a wait if you’re visiting on a weekend, and try to eat earlier than the big dinner crowds! They do have a trail you can walk around the lake, and it even goes around the wake park, so you can go watch while you wait for your table.


Things To Do in Little Elm


Hydrous Wake Park sits next door to Hula Hut and offers fun camps and clinic for kids to learn wakeboarding! They also have a neat inflatable obstacle course for kids on the water!

Hula Hut

210 E. Eldorado Pkwy., Little Elm

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