10 Things You Must Try at a Buc-ees Gas Station

Everyone has their favorites at this Texas sized, Beaver-happy gas stations! With the opening of their most recent location in Ennis, there are now 48 stores around the state, and one near Gulf Shores, Alabama! Buc-ees has certainly come a long way from their first days along the Texas Coast in Lake Jackson, but we still love them, and here’s our top 10 favorite purchases that you just have to try!

Not on the list, but it’s almost required that you pose with the Buc-ee statue each time you visit!

1 Buc-ees Nug-ees Bold and Spicy These things are so addictive. It’s my most loved Buc-ees item, and it’s not a road trip without ’em!

2. Kolaches These fruit-filled pastries are like gold in the German communities in the Texas Hill Country! Buc-ees makes them daily, along with cookies, sausage rolls and other baked goodies!

3. Buc-ees t-shirts and apparel From cute t-shirts sporting everyone’s favorite beaver to hats, pajama pants and much more, Buc-ees has you covered!

4. Beaver Nuggets A road trip is not a road trip without a bag of these delicious little golden kernels!

5. Buc-ees jams and jellies I’m a sucker for their jams, and I love the peach jalapeno and muscadine, but we always load up on their candied jalapenos, which are good on everything!

6. Ice! Bucee’s always has the best price on ice!

7. Chopped brisket sandwiches My son loves their brisket sandwiches and fresh-made potato chips!

8. Homemade Fudge Honestly, we may not always buy some fudge, although we often do, but we almost always get a little sample!

9. Candied Jalapeno Cream Cheese Spread My absolute favorite thing at Buc-ees is this amazing cream cheese spread with their incredible jalapenos. It’s really hard to find in stores, because it sells out so quickly! When we find it, we buy a box of club crackers to go with it! When they’re out, that’s why I buy the jar of candied jalapenos!

10. Jerky As the sign suggest, their jerky is pretty amazing. My favorite is the Bohemian Garlic. It’s the same jerky in the case and in the bags!

11. Pure Cane Sugar Root Beer If you love a good, creamy root beer, then you have to try their own brand! It’s terrific, as are all their own flavors, and their fountain drinks are cheap, too!

That’s our top ten! Now fill up for a fun road trip!

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