Son’s Island, Seguin

From the moment I sat down in the hammock chair on our cabana at Son’s Island, feeling the cool breeze off the river and listening to the happy laughter of my kids, I knew I was going to love it here!  I wasn’t so sure in the beginning.  I had seen the advertisements for Son’s Island in the past year, and I usually tend to doubt the hype that seemed to accompany it.  From the moment we arrived, I was looking for the downside, but I just kept finding myself saying, “Wow, this IS really great!”  In fact, the worst thing I can say about Son’s Island is the price, because at about $25/person, it’s almost too low, especially when you compare it to most waterparks.  As the ownership continues to improve the tropical paradise they have built here, I can see prices going up.  My best travel tip would be hurry and take advantage of it now!


If this is your first time to hear of Son’s Island,, it’s an island on the Guadalupe River, about 45 minutes East of San Antonio.  You rent a cabana for the day, for up to 12 people.  It’s really on an island on the Guadalupe River!  There is a bridge you can drive across to take you to the island.  You’re greeted along the way, and they check you in and direct you to your cabana.  From the first person who greets you to the last one who waves you goodbye when you leave, they all are incredibly friendly and helpful!


I loved the cabanas, which would be just as likely to be found at a resort hotel near a pool or on a beach!


Each cabana comes with hammock chairs, a hammock. a picnic table, a grill, an electrical outlet, a ceiling fan and lights.  Most came with a water hose, too.


My favorite cabana, this one faces the river, and is out on the water.  If you have a boat, you can pull it right up to your cabana!  There is a boat ramp just a mile away.


Each cabana has a deck out on the water, even the cabanas on the water. There isn’t a ladder to climb out of the water onto the deck, but the deck is so low it wasn’t too much of a problem.

They rent these big blue mats that float on the water, that they will have at your cabana when you arrive.  It’s great for hanging out in the water, and getting in and out of the water!


This was our cabana, K-1!  I loved it!  It was closest to the frog slide and rope swing, so I could watch the kids from the deck!  It faces the canal.

You are welcome to bring your own food, ice chest, and drinks!  Just no glass!

The cabanas on either side of us brought out a huge meal for dinner, and grilled burgers and sausage and steaks!  We wanted to spend more time on the water, and took advantage of Papa John’s delivery to the island!  They brought our pizza right to our cabana!


My kids jumping off the water trampoline!  See the big, yellow thing in the background, that’s our duck float at our cabana!

The cold, green-blue waters of the Guadalupe River felt INCREDIBLE!  The spring-fed river is a constant 68-72 degrees, all year long!


Here’s a closer picture!  In addition to Rubber Duckie here, we brought several tubes and other floats for the kids, as well as a football, water frisbee and other toys for the kids!


Making Your Reservations

Reservations are required.  Everyone at Son’s Island has a cabana, and includes 8 people, and no more than 12 people (you can pay additional for the other 4) are allowed at a cabana, which means it’s never going to be too crowded!

Half of the cabanas overlook the river, which is very scenic.  Unlike in New Braunfels, the Guadalupe River here is WIDE and deep in the middle, and has a lot of boat traffic, especially on weekends.  I love that you can watch the boats and waterskiers, etc. This is the side you want to be on if you are bringing a boat.  Also, if you are on this side, you’re going to get a lot of wake from the passing boats.   While you can watch the boats, there are buoys warning of really BIG ROCKS in the water around the island, that create a natural barrier to protect the island from the boats!  They are also fun to swim and climb on!

The other half of the island overlooks the canal, so you’re not on open water.  The frog slide and water trampoline are both on the canal.

While all the cabanas were great (I walked around and looked at all of them several times), I prefer the ones on the water, but I probably wouldn’t if I had young children.


We rented a paddleboard, that we kept at our cabana all day!  The kids had so much fun taking it out, or just playing around on it, as did I!

I can’t brag enough about the staff here!  They were SO incredibly friendly and helpful!  If you have never been in a kayak or paddleboard, they will show you how to do it, help you choosing the right paddle and they have a ton of lifejackets!  EVERYONE must wear a lifejacket on the kayaks and paddleboards!

They also explain that you can’t take the kayaks or paddleboard out on the main river, just around the island, and you must stay inside the buoys, where it’s safe!


After we went around the island on the paddleboard, I let my son go on his own as long as he was with a friend.  Since it’s an island, they just went around and around!


In the middle of the island is a sand volley ball court, and horseshoes.  They have volleyballs and horseshoes.  I was so excited to play, but we never had a chance, we were too busy on the water!



While I paid for our cabana, Son’s Island invited us to spend the night and get a chance to experience (and write about) their camping!

Camping on the island is ONLY from 7pm – 10am, and does not include a cabana rental the next day.

It was really great because when everyone left, we got to stay and play in the water!  They made fires in the fire pits and brought us all the fixings for smores!


Campers are also allowed unlimited use of the kayaks and paddleboards from 7pm -10am, during daylight hours!  After all day on the paddleboard, it was great to be able to jump in a kayak and race around the island!

We were able to stay at our cabana as late as we wanted.  There wasn’t a “quiet time” posted, but by about 10pm everyone was calling it a night!

Once everyone left at 7pm, I was able to move my car next to our tent, to unload our clothes, sheets, pillows and blankets for the tents!   There are 2 queen size beds in each tent.  The bed is a queen size cot with a foam pad on top, and it was really comfortable.


Up until last week, Son’s Island only had port-a-pottys, but THANKFULLY they had this trailer delivered just in time for the weekend, with real potties!  The staff kept the potties, as well as all the grounds at Son’s Island VERY clean!


You are allowed to drive your car up to your cabana, and unload your things, before you take your car to your designated parking spot, that is just a little way from the cabanas.

A few things to remember to make it go smoothly:

Everyone gets there about 11am – 12pm, and is unloading at about the same time.  You want to be able to unload quickly, so pack your car so that everything is in the same place.  When we arrived, all the kids immediately bailed to go see the cabana, even after I told them we needed to all unload.  It helps to prepare everyone ahead of time that they need to quickly help you unload.

Once you’ve unloaded your car, a parking attendant will show you where you need to park.  There are two parking spaces per cabana on the island.  Any other cars in your group will need to park off the island in an overflow area.  Try to carpool if you can.

A truck and a boat trailer will count as two cars.

Know Before You Go 

No dogs allowed.  This broke my daughter’s heart, but I was thankful we didn’t need to watch where we stepped as we ran all over the island!

Bring plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, ice, water, charcoal, etc. because they literally DO NOT SELL ANYTHING!  There is a Dollar General nearby.

You can bring your own speaker to your cabana, but loud music is not allowed.

There are no lifeguards.  You need to watch your children, and I’d recommend a life jacket at all times.

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Son’s Island 

110 Lee St, Seguin, TX

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