Storm Pick Your Own Strawberry Farms, Dalworthington Gardens

Picking strawberries is not only just a ton of fun, but it’s also a great way to get the kids having fun outside, and learning where food comes from and how to take care of it!

Storm Farms in Dalworthington Gardens has a huge strawberry field with big, beautiful strawberries, perfect to pick for a strawberry shortcake or strawberries and cream!


An annual visit for us, it was a little different this year with the current advisories.  I told my sons we were going to drive up and check it out, but if it was busy we wouldn’t stop.  I was really hoping this would be something I felt we could safely do, because other than walks around the neighborhood, and a trip to the Coyote Drive In before it closed, my 12 year-old hasn’t left the house in almost a month!  When we arrived, we were the only car in the parking lot, and there was no one in the fields!  I was so excited!


One girl works the register and greeted us.  We were given a strawberry basket, ours to keep which made me feel a lot better!  She told us where the best places to pick would be!  We eat a lot of strawberries, and it certainly felt better than going to the grocery store!


We had a lot of fun picking strawberries.  There are so many berries and so few visitors, that many just aren’t getting picked.  Now more than ever, we followed the You Pick Rule, not to eat the berries while picking!


You purchase the strawberries by the pound, which is about $8, but you’re also paying for the incredible experience!  Plus, those strawberries are amazing!  We did a “blind” taste test when we got home, and everyone picked a Storm Farm strawberry over the grocery story variety!


Picking strawberries is easy, too!  Even the youngest kids will enjoy this fun activity!

The farm also sells strawberry jams and even strawberry plants!


So many berries, so little time.

Know Before You Go

Check the Storm Farms facebook page before you go for hours, and berry availability.

They accept cash and credit.

There are no restrooms or hand washing facilities on site.

We filled up a 5 gallon Home Depot water cooler with water and brought some soap and washed everything, including our hands, strawberries and the basket before we brought it home.

Storm Pick Your Own Strawberry Farms

3010 S. Bowen, Dalworthington Gardens

Click HERE to visit their facebook page. 

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