Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown

macro photo of bumblebees on yellow sunflower

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is a great place to visit during the Spring for strawberries, Late Spring and Summer for big, beautiful pick your own peaches right from the tree, an annual Sunflower Festival, and they have a fun pumpkin patch each Fall, but the farm is also open year round on weekends for birthday parties, play dates, and just a little horsin’ around!


Strawberries are a must each Spring!  Be sure and check their facebook page to know when they are ripe for picking!

The farm is open daily for fun activities and events!  Check their facebook page because they do close for mud and bad weather!


This kid loves to ride horses!  They don’t have trail rides but do lead the horse on a walk, which is great for kids who aren’t ready to hit the trail yet!


The farm had a new addition, a litter of baby piglets, and they were SO cute!


In the petting pen, you can go inside and feed, pet and brush the friendly goats!

I had been obsessed all Summer with the idea of getting a young goat to keep as a pet, with the thought that it would also help keep in check the crazy vines we have growing in our back yard that no one wants to help cut back as they grow everywhere during the summer!  I had been following Rent a Rumnant and it’s crazy how fast they can clear out an overgrown area, so I thought how much fun to have a little goat around!  After about 10 minutes in the petting pen I decided that I need a little more thought on this, those little goats were just LOUD!

DSC_0504 (1)

After playing with the goats, chickens, horses and little pigs, we headed out to see what else there was to do.  We raced rubber ducks, which is always fun!

DSC_0488 (1).JPG

On the farm, kids are suppose to be supervised at all times, but at 11, I can supervise from more of a distance.  I brought my book and sat back in the shade while he played on the Jumping Pad.  There are two at the farm, which was nice since one was being used for a birthday party!


They give you apples for the Sling Shots, and he fired off a couple, saving one for a snack.  He loves apples!


While he was slinging apples, I grabbed a picture of the ga-ga ball pit.


I did head into the hay maze with him, which is fun and has a little treasure chest inside if you can find it.  Here’s a hint, take some water.  We were in there for what seemed like quite a while and I was getting thirsty!


I grabbed us some more bottles of water from the concession truck after the hay maze, but you are welcome to bring your own cooler with food and water, and grabbed a nice spot in the shade while he played, again supervising him from a distance!

DSC_0524 (2).JPG

The farm has a nice big area for the kids to just run and explore!

DSC_0530 (1).JPG

And race on these!


The entire time we were at the farm, almost 3 hours, my daughter napped in one of the hammocks.  So yes, there is something for everyone at the farm.  She claimed it was a nap worthy of $12.


What is it about kids and shovels?  Skip the video games and just buy your kid a shovel and a pile of dirt!


Tire Mountain may be the most fun, where he could just run and play with the other kids at the farm!  There’s a tunnel, too!   Afterwards, I got up and cheered on the pigs in the pig race!


This cute airstream trailer is a concession stand!


While at the farm, we lucked out on seeing the sheep get sheered!  Professional sheep “sheerers” come to the farm and sheer the sheep and Harry the Alpaca!  It was pretty cool to watch as the huge coats came off.  We had recently visited an alpaca farm and I was so surprised to learn that alpacas have fleece, unlike sheep that have wool.  It is warmer and softer, and doesn’t contain lanolin, so it’s hypoallergenic.  The fleece from one alpaca with a nice color can sell for a quite a bit of money!  It was a great way to end our day at the farm!

Know Before You Go

Check on hours before you go, the farm is weather dependent.

Wear close-toed shoes.

They do accept credit cards.


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 Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

14400 East State Highway 29, Georgetown

Click HERE to visit their website.

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