Echo Springs Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm, Brownsboro

Blueberries just love the sandy, acidic soil in East Texas, and that’s where you need to head to go berry picking!  Echo Springs Blueberry farm is a great farm with plenty of big, beautiful juicy sweet blueberries, that you can pick right off the bush!  Blueberries don’t have thorns, and it’s easy to determine the ripe from not ripe berries, just by their color and size!


Echo Springs is open 7 days a week during Blueberry Season, which runs late May through July, depending on the weather!


Easy to find about 20 minutes outside of Athens, I loved the drive through the East Texas Countryside!  Sometimes you just really need a ride in the country!  We arrived a little late in the day, and had to hurry to pick all our berries!  They open at 7am, so I really suggest going earlier in the day, when it’s a little cooler, too!


These berries are not ripe yet!  Ripe berries are big and blue and pull easily from the bush!

There really isn’t a lot you need to take with you to pick berries.  Again, there aren’t thorns on the bushes, and many of the berries grow very low down, making it a great activity for kids of all ages!



My son filled up a basket as I wandered through the bushes, singing “quietly” to myself about blueberry muffins and blueberry cobbler, and eating as many as I picked, a definite no-no at a You-Pick berry farm.  I did tell them to put their thumb on the scale when weighing them to make sure I paid for my snacks!  I think they should probably have just weighed me when I arrived and after picking to get a more accurate estimate!

Blueberries are a great, healthy snack!  They contain of ton of vitamin C, as well as antioxidants!  Click HERE to read 10 Fun Facts About Blueberries!

In addition, blueberries are also native to the United States, and have a great history, too.  Click HERE to read a little about it!


After picking berries, we were faced with all the amazing samples and jams and jellies in the store!


They have a huge selection!


There were even samples of cobblers!


All in all, we left with a bag of blueberries, no blackberries because we just didn’t have time to go pick them, two blueberries bushes for my son to grow his own, already covered in unripe blueberries, and 2 glasses of blueberry tea!  We also made some great memories!  I would definitely say to plan for about an hour to pick berries and make your purchases, maybe a little longer.  Take some water because there isn’t shade out in the fields.

Things To Do Nearby


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 Echo Springs Blueberry Farm

FM 607, Brownsboro

Click HERE to visit their website.

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