Jenkins Farms Pick-Your-Own Peach Orchard, Bonham

It’s one of our favorite season in Texas, PEACH SEASON!  We grow some amazing fruit here, and you’re remiss if you don’t get out and enjoy it!  And there is nothing better than fruit right off the tree, that has been sun ripened until seconds before you put it in your mouth!  We visited Jenkins Farms Peach Orchard a few days after they opened for the season, and we left with a bag of peaches we picked right from the tree, as well as a box of already picked apricots that were just amazing!

We made a full day of it with lunch at Muddbones and a visit to the Bonham State Park, which was FREE thanks to our Texas State Parks Pass.  They have a swim beach, hiking trails and even kayak and canoe rentals.  We just played around in the fresh air, then went back in town for a walk around the Courthouse Square before heading home.  It was a long drive, but totally worth it.


We enjoyed the incredible drive out to Jenkins almost as much as the peaches!  I could literally feel the stress melting off me with each mile!  They are out in the country, where a good peach orchard should be!


Peach trees aren’t very tall, and the branches spread out to allows the fruit to get plenty of sun, making the peaches easy to pick!  I remember when I still had to lift him up but now he’s tall enough to reach them on his own!



They have rows and rows of peaches!


It’s been raining, a lot, in North Texas and there was standing water between the rows. It was easy to maneuver around without getting wet or muddy, but if I would recommend rain boots, although not completely necessary.  I was in flip flops, which soaked up the water off the ground like a sponge.  I know better, too.

We were there in the middle of the day, and I didn’t see or hear a single mosquito, but if you or your kids are supper tasty, you might want to bring some bug repellent, just in case.


Beautiful peaches!  These are yellow freestone peaches.  Simply, the peach meat is yellow and it doesn’t hug on to the peach pit.  Peaches that do adhere to the pit are called Clingstone.  Freestone peaches are a more versatile peach, better for canning and freezing.   The difference in yellow and white peaches is simply your preference.



When we arrived, we were asked if we wanted a gallon, a peck or a bushel of peaches to pick.  I said a gallon, which was the smallest, and we were given a basket to fill.  I should have asked for a larger size, because he ate most of the peaches on the ride home.


A gallon is a lot of peaches.  Beautiful, tasty peaches!



It’s important you tell your kids the proper way to eat a peach is to LEAN OVER!  These peaches are incredibly juicy, and one bite is all it takes to get all over you.  Luckily, we were able to wash up before we left.  I’d go ahead and throw some wipes in the car, maybe a clean shirt, too!


I love the peach juice on his shirt.


Things To Do in Bonham


Visit Bonham State Park, which offers swimming and kayak and canoe rentals on their lake, as well as fishing.  A fishing license is not required in the state park.  There are also hiking and biking trails in the park.

Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site Tour is a step back in the 1940’s and 1950’s as you learn a little more about the Texas Statesman.

Stop the car and take a walk around the Bonham County Courthouse Square. Do some window shopping and just enjoy the small town vibe!


Muddbones is a great little local burger restaurant!

 Jenkins Farms Peach Orchard 

12 miles North of Bonham, TX on Hwy 78 to Mulberry FM 274 left about 1.5 miles on the right watch for sign.

Click HERE to visit their website.

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