Lockhart, The BBQ Capital of Texas

Barbecue is almost synonymous with Texas, and there’s no place where the heavenly aroma fills the air quite like in Lockhart, which is named the BBQ Capital of Texas!  That’s because it’s home to 3 of the best, and most historic, BBQ restaurants across the state!  You’ll have a hard time picking your favorite.


1.  Kreuz Market, 619 N. Colorado St., Lockhart   The first stop for us is almost always at Kreuz, which has been smoking meat in Lockhart since 1900.  Like any good story, it has a little drama, too.  A family feud caused the original Kreuz to be relocated to a new building.  We love to grab and go to nearby Lockhart City Park for a picnic.

My love for Kreuz includes that they are, like myself, not BBQ sauce fans.  It isn’t served anywhere in the restaurant.  Don’t even ask.  They also don’t have forks.

I’m a brisket and sausage girl myself, but the beef clod and smoked prime rib are both dangerously good.  Like most of Central Texas, their meat is smoked on Texas Post Oak.

Just FYI, Lockhart Smokehouse, which has 3 locations in the DFW area, is owned by a relative of Kreuz restaurant owners.  They serve the genuine Kreuz Smoked Sausage.

2.  Smitty’s Market, 208 S. Commerce St. Lockhart    So, here is where it gets complicated.  Smitty’s was opened after the Schmidt family heirs separated.  It’s located in the original Kreuz Market location, and definitely a must-visit for BBQ historians and hungry people alike!

In the ultimate act of defiance, they serve BBQ sauce.

They also have a fresh meat market, so bring a cooler with you!

3.  Black’s BBQ 215 N. Main Street, Lockhart    Since 1932, Black’s BBQ has been smoking meat in Lockhart, and happily says they are the oldest BBQ in the state under the same family.  My husband dreams of their giant beef rib in his sleep, and with good reason! They weigh in between 1 and 2 pounds each, and easily enough for us to split if we have enough sides to go with it! I’m a fan of their potato salad, and hopefully we can call their original sausage as a side, too!

Like Smitty’s and most Texas Hill Country BBQ, Black’s cooks with post oak, a common wood found throughout the Hill Country. Black’s uses indirect heat on a brick pit built in the 1940’s. While they do offer sauce, it’s always served on the side and never used for cooking.

Black’s BBQ has expanded, with locations in Austin, San Marcos and New Braunfels, but of course, none of those have that great 80 year old pit at them.

More Things To Do in Lockhart 

The Lockhart State Park offers hiking, swimming, a 9-hole golf course and historic CCC sites.

Don’t miss a visit to the beautiful Caldwell County Courthouse, one of the most unique in Texas.

The Pearl is a historic bar with live music.

Manny Gammage’s Texas Hattery is a must when in Lockhart!  Stop in to see how they make hats, and pick one up for yourself!

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