23 Camping Essentials for Women

It’s camping season, and no matter if that means a cabin or backpacking trip, here’s a fun list of some of our favorite gadgets for on the go!

Three Young Women Cooking On Camping Stove Outside Tent

Just like you, I’ve to pay the light bills, and I am an affiliate member with Amazon, and  if you purchase any of these products using the provided link, I do receive a very, very small compensation back from Amazon. 


1. A Camping Towel  From showers to getting caught in the rain, it seems we always need a towel.  Compact towels are a necessity and we love these microfiber towels, with 2 towels in each bag.  One is large enough to wrap around you, and the smaller one is perfect for drying your face and/or hair!  It comes with a convenient carry pouch, too, and small enough to slide in your backpack!  Click HERE to visit their Amazon link.

2. Unscented Shampoo, Soap and Deodorant  Show up with too floral of a scent, and you’ll be attracting bugs.  My daughter always packs a dry shampoo when it’s too cold to shower.  I like the Sea to Summit Shampoo sheets from REI.   Campsuds is an environmentally-friendly soap, but still be sure and not use any soap products within 200 ft. of a river, creek or water source.  Click HERE to visit their site on Amazon.

3. Wipes  When showering isn’t an option, a wipe can make a world of difference!  Check out Healthy HooHoo Wipes, which are Ph balanced for women.  Click HERE to see them on Amazon.  Action Wipes are great for total body wipe downs before you turn in.  Click HERE to see them on Amazon.

4. Women’s Urination Device  I just didn’t know what to think when these hit the market a few years ago, but after a recent camping trip I’m a believer!  I tried out several, and preferred the Pitch and Trek model, which was wide enough and I liked their easy carry bag.  Click HERE to see their site on Amazon.  For festivals, etc. where the only option is a port-a-potty, I fell in love with the disposable ones!  Here’s a tip, practice at home first.

5. Sunscreen  It’s hard to have fun if you’re getting burned, and important to be ethical in your choices for sunscreen.  Sun Bum, available on Amazon, offers a 30 and 50 SPF and goes on clean without a white residue.  Click HERE to visit on Amazon.   Another recent favorite is Surf Dirt, also on Amazon.  Click HERE.

6. Chaffing  Some people are definitely more prone to chaffing than others, but For Her BodyGlide Anti Chaffing works great on inner thighs and nipples, and is environmentally friendly.  They make a great Foot Glide for feet, too!  Click HERE to visit their Amazon site.

7. Socks  I have the worst problem finding socks that cut the mustard when hiking, but I love Dam Socks, soft and they don’t slip.  Available at REI, click HERE to shop now.  For after a hike, travel or just on my feet exploring, I like to put on compression socks for a while and really notice a huge difference in how my legs feel.  Sockwell are my go-to compression socks, also available at REI.  Click HERE to see more.   I always pack a fluffy pair of socks to change into at night to keep my feet warm.  Your socks will hold in a lot of moisture and need to dry out.

8. Plenty of Underwear.  Just like socks, panties hold in moisture making you colder at night.  Change before you go to bed.  During the day, the most recommended is underwear containing Merino Wool, which is because it’s soft and very breathable.

9. Hanging Toiletry Bag    I have always loved the L. L. Bean Hanging bags, which are great to take in the shower, but last year on a camping trip in Colorado and South Dakota I decided to test drive some other popular bags, and came back to my favorite L. L. Bean Bag as a clear winner.  It’s tough, doesn’t slip, and easy to use with just the right amount of space.  Click HERE to shop.

10. Portable Charger  While you can argue that this shouldn’t be on a Women’s List, I spend a lot more time on my phone or device than my husband late at night, and need a reliable charger.  I test more of these than anything, and most leave me still wanting, but my current favorite is the Poweradd Pilot X7, available on Amazon.  Click HERE to shop.  I WANT a reliable one that also offers solar charging, but I’ve never found one I love enough to recommend.

11. Headlamp  While camping I use my phone for a flashlight when I absolutely need a flashlight (I know I should save my battery), but for late night cooking, setting up camp or anything when I need my hands free, a headlamp is essential.  My go-to is the Petzl, with a long battery life, it’s light so it doesn’t bother me, give me headaches like heavier lights and the on/off button is easy to use.  I love the rechargeable battery, too.  Click HERE to see on Amazon.


12. Hats and Headbands  After years of pulling twigs and other assorted things out of my curly hair, I try to keep it put up as much as possible when camping.  These cute, Camping Hair Don’t Care Caps from Amazon are a must!  Click HERE to shop.

Baseball and trucker caps were usually my go to, but last year my daughter gave me a cute skull cap for a scout camping trip, and it’s now my go to.  I love how light they are, and how easily they pack and wash.  Click HERE to shop now.

13. Bug Spray  I try to be environmentally and health conscious,  but when you’re attacked by a cloud of hungry mosquitoes with no protection, like we were camping on Galveston Island last fall, (after a week of rain) it’s miserable.  And while Texas mosquitoes are brutal, my daughter’s camping adventure in Kenya last summer made me really aware of just how dangerous mosquitoes can be!  I do use a ton of peppermint oil on myself and in our bags, tent, etc. so having it is always a must.  I am still hunting a battery-operated travel diffuser that I like enough to recommend.  But until I find one, on still nights, I use the Thermocell Lanterns. Click HERE to shop on Amazon.  I find that they don’t work well on windy or rainy nights, or while hiking.  For personal protection, we sparingly use Good Natured Brand Bug Spray,   available on Amazon, click HERE to shop, which seems to do a better than most job.  Because they just love my youngest, I do keep a hidden bottle of Deep Woods Off in my car and daypack in case we come up against something we can’t handle.

14. Tinted Moisturizer  Simple and inexpensive are my calling cards when it comes to something for camping and hiking.  I love Raw Elements Tinted Moisturizer, available on Amazon (Click HERE to shop).

15. Hammocks  Lately I’ve been reviewing products from Wise Owl Outfitters, and really like their hammock, especially the ultralight, which feels super soft, breathable and as the name applies, light!  It also seems to be sturdy, and includes straps with the hammock for a reasonable price.  Click HERE to visit their website.

16. Camping Pillow  I’m pretty obsessive about a camping pillow, because I want something under my head that I can also keep clean.  I also don’t really care for the inflatable ones.  I love the Therm-a-Rest, which can be wiped down or thrown in the washing machine, and packs down to a 1 lb carry bag, instead of a bag to get lost.  Click HERE to shop on Amazon. For my kids, who are much harder on pillows than me, I love the $9.99 Redcamp Pillows on Amazon.  Click HERE for more information.

17. Water Bottle  The Camelbak Eddy is my preferred water bottle, no matter how many I try, it remains my go-to bottle.  I’m also a Camelbak fan when it comes to hydration packs, which is my preferred way to carry water during the summer.  Click HERE to shop.

My daughter, a water-bottle junkie, loves her LifeStraw water bottle, and used it in Kenya last summer.  Click HERE to shop on Amazon.

18. Dry Toothpaste  There’s nothing worse than having a tube of toothpaste get squished in your bag.  I love the Miles of Smiles Peppermint Toothpaste tabs from Lush.  They’re so easy to use with just a toothbrush.  Click HERE to shop.

I have a friend who only uses the Dirty Mouth Paste.  Click HERE to read more.

19. Coffee  I’m not a coffee drinker, but I know many who camp just for the morning smell of fresh coffee.  For a quick and easy solution, my daughter likes the GSI Drip Coffee Maker.  Click HERE

20. Scrubabag  This light little bag is a gamechanger for summer camping and backpacking.  A quick and easy way to wash clothes and conserve water.  Click HERE  to shop.

21. Compression Bags and Dry Bags  I usually take an extra of each if we’re car camping and space allows, just to be prepared.  While you’re at it, always remember to stash a few extra trash bags to store muddy and wet clothes/tent/chairs on the way home.

22.  Rumpl  I use a Rumpl ground cover for inside my tent, to keep a barrier between the ground and me.  The waterproof liner keeps humidity away from me and my sleeping bag.   Click HERE. 

23. goTenna Mesh  A little more expensive item on the list, but for camping away from a cell source, this little antennae does great for sending text!  Click HERE

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