Stonehenge II, Ingram

Stonehenge II in Ingram Texas

It wasn’t aliens that built Stonehenge II in the Texas Hill Country, a 80 percent-scale replica of the famed stones in England, but it’s still a great place to visit in Ingram, overlooking the Guadalupe River!  This is my (very) whimsical review, along with some of the other things we did during our wonderful stay in Ingram!

Author’s Note, no aliens were harmed during our visit to Stonehenge II.

Stonehenge II in Ingram Texas

It’s a big attraction just outside of Kerrville, and they also have Easter Island heads.  The attraction is owned by the Hill Country Arts Foundation, which relocated the heads after the death of it’s creator, Al Sheppard, from his land.

Stonehenge II in Ingram Texas

Open and FREE to visitors from dawn until dusk.

We had our dog, Dublin, with us and Stonehenge II is pup-friendly!  Be sure to clean up after him/her.

Stonehenge II in Ingram Texas

We’ll be married 20 years this September, and he still never ceases to amaze me!

Stonehenge II in Ingram Texas

It’s also available for weddings!  Maybe my husband will do an alien-themed renewal of our vows with me, just for fun?

Stonehenge II in Ingram Texas

Just because the aliens didn’t build it, doesn’t mean they won’t visit.  Be on the look out if you come!

Stonehenge II overlooks the Guadalupe River in Ingram Texas

Set on the shores of the Guadalupe River, it’s absolutely beautiful!

Chi Cho's Restaurant at Stonehenge II overlooks the Guadalupe River in Ingram Texas

The patio at Chi Chos overlooks the Guadalupe River, and was very enjoyable!

Hill Country Arts Foundation Gallery in Ingram Texas

The kids wanted to explore the outdoor amphitheater that also backs up to the river on the HCAF campus!  Check out the Gift Shop and there are restrooms inside, too!

Hill Country Arts Foundation Gallery in Ingram Texas

The Hill Country Arts Foundation also has a gallery on the campus that offers summer camps, classes and much more.

A herd of Axis Deer in Ingram Texas

Afterwards, we took a fun drive around Ingram!  The Hill Country and South Texas has a huge population of Axis Deer, a non-native species from Indian introduced onto game ranches in the 1930’s that has thrived here. Axis Deer are the most common exotic in Texas, and compete directly with our native whitetail deer for food and territory.

Girl jumping in the water on the Guadalupe River in Ingram Texas

We came to this low spot in the road where the Guadalupe River runs over the road and stopped to let the kids have some fun!  The water is so clear and beautiful!

Girl jumping into the Guadalupe River in Ingram Texas

Back on Texas Highway 39, we stopped at the public boat ramp and the kids took turns jumping in the chilly water!  It was only about 60 degrees outside, but they didn’t care!

Texas Highway 39 is also known as the Texas Hill Country Trail!  For a beautiful, scenic drive take this West to Hwy 83, then South down to Leaky, past Garner State Park to Concan.  Then take Hwy 90 East to Hondo, Hwy 173 North to Bandera, and Hwy 16 will take you back to Kerrville where Highway 39 West returns you to where you started in Ingram.

Ingram Dam on the Guadalupe River in Ingram Texas

In Ingram, one of the most popular spots during the warm summer is the Guadalupe River Dam!  You can park across the street at the Dam Store for $5; they also rent tubes and mats for sliding down the dam, or bring your own!  The algae that makes it slippery also makes it fun!

Girl playing in the water at Ingram Lake, in Ingram Texas on the Guadalupe River

Upriver from the dam is Lake Ingram, a deep swimming hole perfect for keeping cool in the hot summer months!

Ohana's Shaved Ice Stand Ingram, TX

After a full afternoon of exploring, we took a well-deserved break and cooled off at Ohana’s Shaved Ice Stand, in the Dam Store Parking Lot.  In addition to great flavors, they also had fun games like corn hole, a giant Connect Four and Giant Jenga!

During our visit to Ingram, we stayed at the Copper Cactus in a 1953 refurbished Greyhound Tour Bus that was just as fun as it was incredible!  It was located off the Guadalupe River on the Old Ingram Loop, a cute little artist colony!  Click HERE to read more about it!

 Stonehenge II

120 Point Theater Rd. South, Ingram

Click HERE to visit their website.

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