Mansfield Paintball Adventure Park, Mansfield

My kids love paintball, and for my son’s 19th birthday, we headed over to Mansfield Paintball to celebrate!  It’s a fun outdoor paintball fields, with plenty of wide open space, paintball fields, and places to sit and watch!  We’ve played here numerous times, and it’s one of our favorites!

Mansfield Paintball

We’ve been playing paintball for my son’s birthday since he was about 10, and he just loves it!  I love having the kids outside and playing in the fresh air!

Mansfield Paintball

Birthday parties at Mansfield Paintball are for all ages!  Large groups can often play against each other, or you can be set up to play against other teams!  Younger groups are always put together.  We had 9 players, perfect for a team, although they can accommodate larger or smaller groups, or walk-ons, if you just have a couple of kids who want to play!

Mansfield Paintball

Birthday Party and Groups have the option of their own areas to celebrate, for an extra amount.  You are allowed to bring in all your own food and drinks, even a grill, but no alcohol.  We brought an ice chest with water, meat and cheese trays, fruit trays and pecan pie, because my birthday boy prefers it over cake!

Mansfield Paintball

There are several different paintball fields, and your referee, who stays with you the entire time, will make sure you play on each one.  They will also help you with the guns, paintballs and anything else you might need.  Be sure to bring cash to tip your ref., even if you are just a walk on.  20% of your bill is considered the norm.  For example, we did the Bronze Birthday Package at $199, so we estimated tip would be $40.  Trust me, those refs work hard!

Mansfield Paintball

I love some of their creative fields!

Mansfield Paintball

The girls play harder than the boys!

Mansfield Paintball

If your kids are younger or have never played before, the refs will help them learn how to play and make sure everyone has fun!

Mansfield Paintball

Our youngest has been playing since he old enough to hold the gun, and loves it!

Mansfield Paintball

While I love playing, too, I just enjoyed sitting back and watching the kids play and chatting with our friends!

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 Mansfield Paintball

1600 Ousley Rd., Mansfield

Click HERE to visit their website.

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