Hard 8 BBQ, Stephenville

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville

Warning: Don’t read this if you’re hungry.

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville

Hard Eight Pit Bar B Q opened in 2003 in Stephenville, and while they now have a few locations around DFW, the original is, in my opinion, worth the drive!  At the very least, if you’re driving through Stephenville, you need to stop!

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville

The Pit Master gave us a tour of their wood and pits, which is all mesquite, the only wood they use.  It was early February and I was hot standing there, I can’t imagine how it feels in July!


He explained that they heat the wood down to coals, and it’s these coals that are put under the brisket, as opposed to indirect heat/smoke.  The meat drips on the coals, which creates the smoke.

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville

To me, BBQ means brisket, and everything else is just a side.  No sauce.  I think it’s important that you know that about me before I tell you any more.  I can’t tell you how their pork or chicken is, and certainly not the shrimp.  But their brisket is very good.

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville

But on our visit, the PitMaster suggested something different, the ribeye.  It’s hand-cut there, grilled over more of those mesquite coals and served with grilled onions, a jalapeno and steak butter, along with 2 sides.  Keep in mind that their BBQ beans are complimentary.

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville

Served medium rare, it was 6 oz. of perfection!

 Hard 8 BBQ

1091 Glen Rose Rd., Stephenville

Click HERE to visit their website.

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