Summer Bucket List: Burger’s Lake

Burger’s Lake really isn’t a lake at all, but it is. Confusing?  Well, the water isn’t what you expect from lake water.  Coming from underground, natural springs, the water is cold!  Then it’s micro-filtered, and chlorinated.  Meaning that there is nothing living in the water, no turtles, no fish, no wiggly little things, and no harmful bacteria.  Well, no more than what you are going to find in your average swimming pool. But the water is NOT like a swimming pool, because it’s a LAKE!  You can scrunch your feet in the sand when you walk around in it!  (Sand, there is NO slimy mud!)  It’s fantastic!

The man-made swimming hole in Fort Worth is a must-visit each Summer! We go at least a few times each Summer! Check out My Mommy Tips before you go!


Know Before You Go 

Take plenty of cold drinking water, and sunscreen.

Take life jackets for young and weak swimmers, or they have life jackets you can use.

Floats and water toys are allowed in the shallow areas, and they have inner tubes for rent.

Coolers are allowed, and there are grills in the park.  No alcohol allowed.

A concession stand sells snacks and snow cones.

No dogs allowed.

If possible, arrive early and try to go on a weekday when it’s not as crowded.  Tuesdays are our favorite day to go!



There are two sets of slides, a small one and the larger red, white and blue slides.  Children MUST be able to swim to go down the red, white and blue slides, and cannot wear any type of flotation device.

There is also a small spiral slide for younger children near the beach.


The spring-fed water is chilly on ever the hottest days!

We enjoy the slides, but kids must be able to swim There is another slide for younger children and those in life jackets.

Watching the kids do flips at Burger’s Lake is half the fun!


Diving Boards

I love the diving boards, and it’s fun to watch everyone jumping, doing flips and diving!

In the middle of the lake is a dive platform with 2 diving boards!  It’s deep in the middle and life jackets are not allowed.  There is a ledge that swimmers can stand on at the platform, too!


The water beneath the high dive is over 20′ feet, and it’s my kid’s favorite!

There is also a smaller diving board for young children in a life jacket.

I’ll brag on my kid here for a minute. 33 days before the above picture was taken, he took a bad fall off a 12′ diving board onto the pool deck during a dive camp at our local natatorium. He fractured his jaw, shattered his lip which had to be completely rebuilt, broke several teeth, and needed numerous stitches. It could have been so much worse! He was on an activity restriction for 30 days, but as soon as it was lifted, he was back up on the board!



Every swimming hole needs a rope swing, and Burgers Lake is a fun trapeze-style swing!

The water beneath is deep, about 11′!  Life jackets are not allowed!

Another of the things I LOVE about Burger’s Lake is that you can bring tubes, floats, etc.! I love fun pool floats and always go a little crazy each Summer! You can also rent tubes there.

Sandy Beach

Don’t forget your sand toys!  They have great fluffy white sand on the beach for digging and building a sand castle!


Sand Volleyball

Bring your own volleyball!  It’s a great way to meet new friends at the lake!



You can bring in outside food, a cooler, food for the grill or just purchase something to eat from them.  They have nachos, hot dogs, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Dipping Dots, etc.

You can even leave the park to go pick something up and bring it back, but I wouldn’t recommend if you arrive early and get a good parking spot!

We usually pack a picnic lunch, then I let the kids purchase ice cream later in the day.

It seems we are always the last car to leave for the day, but at Burger’s Lake it really pays off, because that is when the deer come out from hiding in the woods to eat the soft grass!  One year we even spotted a mama and her twin fawns!

Remember, you need to watch your children and know their limits!  Make sure they take plenty of breaks to rest, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid cramps!  

And I enforce the buddy system; ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOUR BUDDY IS!   After half a day of swimming, I once asked my kids, “What would you do if your buddy dived in the water, and didn’t come out?  Their response?  “I would come find you”.   WHAT!!!!   I explained that NO, after you are sure that they didn’t come out (and this is no time for games) you QUICKLY GET A LIFEGUARD!!  Discuss it with your kids, don’t just assume that they know what to do in an emergency!

Interesting Trivia

As we were leaving, I was surprised to learn that each winter the spring is rerouted to flow into the nearby Trinity River, and the lake is drained until the next year.  It makes sense, from a financial perspective.  It would be expensive to filter and chlorinate the water all winter.  But it just amazing me that they can do this.

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Burger’s Lake   

1200 Meandering Road, Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.  

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