Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine, Southlake

Dellucan Gaucho Pizza and Wine

Opening last month, this Brazilian Pizza House brings a fun, new concept to North Texas, the Gaucho Pizzaria! Similar to a Brazilian Steakhouse, your waitress brings an antipasto salad, followed by a cup of lobster bisque, then servers come around with 15-18 different gourmet, wood-fired pizzas, including several dessert pizzas!

Reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends.  We visited on a Saturday evening, and while there were many children, it’s definitely not Chuck E. Cheese!


delluca gaucho pizza and wine
Image courtesy of Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine


A full bar offers many unique, Brazilian drinks! We were recommended the Leblon Caipirinha, which was described as drinking a cloud!

Instead we chose the Smokey Margarita, which was on special for Cinco de Mayo. It was delicious, but next time we’ll definitely try the Caipirinha.

My son ordered the Brazilian soda, Guarana Antarctica Fruit Soda, which he loves!

A simple colored coaster indicates to servers if you want more pizza, green for yes and red for no.

The antipasto was wonderful, as is the lobster bisque, served in a cup and meant to be drank!


We had the best waitress, Julia, who took great care of us! She explained that while it’s acceptable to eat your pizza with your hands, there are knives and forks at each place setting, which is how they eat it in Brazil!

The pizzas were amazing! Brazilian pizza has a thin crust and just a little sauce.  There menu consisted of unique pizzas such as Brazilian Hearts of Palms, an amazing Chicken Tikka Masala, and Turkish Lamb with Sumac Onions.  We tried so many, and I enjoyed them all! The Four Cheese and Truffle Oil was my favorite.  At first I declined the pepperoni, but the server insisted I try it, and it was AMAZING!  The dessert pizzas were incredible, especially the Nutella and mascarpone cheese!

For children under 12, the prices are much less than the adults, and pickier eaters can order a pizza ala carte.

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Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine

2001 W. Southlake Blvd Suite 103, Southlake

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