Gatsplat Indoor Paintball Field, Keller

Paintball is a terrific family activity, and we all love playing!  Gatsplat has taken the all the fun of paintball, and brought it inside so it can be played all year long!  we love their Lewisville location, and were excited to check out their new Keller location, too!


The Keller location has a huge area with tables where you can put your things, rest and wait to be called to play!  What I love about it is the wall is all glass, so even if you’re not playing, you can still watch the action!

Our gnarley little crew getting ready to play!  Gatsplat offers camo gear and body protection!


Since it’s air conditioned, the field is never hot, or wet for that matter!


Gatsplat’s guns don’t hurt as much as most Paintball Guns, making it fun for kids of all ages!  I think my youngest started playing at Gatsplat at 6!

The really friendly techs there will help you with learning how to shoot, and reload your gun!




Know Before You Go 

If you’re planning to just watch, then dress comfortably!  It’s always cold to keep the players cool!

Outside food and drinks are welcome!  Bring an ice chest with drinks, snacks, etc or order pizza while you’re there!

We’ve had 3 birthday parties at Gatsplat and LOVED all of them!

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Gatsplat Indoor Paintball Field 

5600 Kroger Dr., Keller

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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