The Gin at Nolan Creek, Belton

During our Labor Day in Belton, we headed over to the The Gin at Nolan Creek for lunch, and I just love this restaurant!  It’s located just steps from the creek, and we sat outside on the patio of this


The Cotton Gin was built in the late 1920’s, and is one of only 2 brick cotton gins in the state.  Like many restaurants that are being repurposed out of old buildings, you can see reminders of the old Gin!  A cotton gin, short for engine, would take the raw cotton, remove the stems and seeds and press it into bales.


The Gin at Nolan Creek is located right on the Bell County Courthouse Square!  The Courthouse was built in 1884.

Image courtesy of Gin at Nolan Creek
Once again, I forgot to take pictures of our food.  Really, after a long morning at the lake, we were starving!  My son and I split a chicken fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes and it was really good.  My daughter had the chicken strips and my oldest and my husband both had a cheeseburger with fresh made potato chips.  We’re big on sharing and I tasted some of everything and it was all good, and gone very quickly!

The above picture shoes the creek from the patio, where we were seated with out dogs.  It’s such a pretty view!


As soon as we finished eating, my kids and dogs couldn’t wait to head down to Creekside Park and play in the water!  There were already kids down there playing in the falls, and even kayaking down them!  The water during our visit wasn’t deep at all, and perfect for kids to enjoy!  It just opened in 2016, and it’s a really nice little park!

Know Before You Go 

A sign met us at the door, “No Soggy Bottoms”, and since we had just left the lake, it defined us!  We had the dogs anyway, and were happy to sit on the covered patio.

Things To Do in Belton


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The Gin at Nolan Creek

219 S East St, Belton

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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