Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse, San Antonio

We spent a fun day exploring Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, home to the San Antonio Zoo, Witte Museum and much more!  Nothing makes an appetite like a good day of adventure, so when we passed this big pig sitting on the side of the road as we rode the San Antonio Zoo Train around the park, we almost jumped off!


Good BBQ takes time and patience, just like growing plants.  All the plants around the entrance was a sign to me of a good meal to come!  Of course, before we could go inside my son had to ride on the little cars in front.  Obviously he wasn’t as hungry as me.


By the time we were inside, my husband had already ordered; brisket, ribs and sausage, along with the beans and potato salad.  They served us plenty of white bread to go along with it, which is the ONLY way I think brisket should be eaten, if any bread is eaten at all.

I’m not a sauce person.  The brisket was well seasoned with a good dry rub. although they do have sauce and my son said it was good.


They have a pretty picnic area just outside, which is pet-friendly, too!  My youngest enjoyed running around for a few minutes while I took some pictures.

Image courtesy of Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse
We came back inside to find my husband and other kids elbows deep in the food, so I didn’t get a good picture!  Everything was so good, my youngest, who barely eats any meat, finished off 2 ribs!


While we sat outside, the San Antonio Zoo train came back around with another load of hungry riders!  It was fun to wave to them with our fingers covered in BBQ!

The train depot is located outside the zoo, and you can ride without going to the zoo!  It’s a great way to see Brackenridge Park!

Kinda cool moment came when I looked at our check. I can’t remember the last time we fed our family of 5 a big BBQ meal and the bill was under $50.00!  I even double-checked to make sure it was correct!  After spending all day in the sun, I did insist we all drink water, which easily saves at least $10.00.

Know Before You Go

Wear comfortable shoes, because Augie’s is just a short walk over to the Japanese Tea and Sunken Gardens!  This is a must-see when visiting Brackenridge Park!  It’s absolutely beautiful!  Parking can be hard to come by on weekends, so leave your car at Augie’s and just walk over!

Things To Do in San Antonio near Brackenridge Park


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Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse

3709 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio

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