Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Parks

Have you been to an Urban Air Trampoline Park recently?

They aren’t just “Trampoline Parks” anymore!!!

They’ve added an indoor adventure park, AND indoor skydiving in some locations!

Check out My Mommy Tips and My Money-Saving Momma Tips, and schedule a playdate with your child’s friends!  You’ll be the coolest mom!


They still have rows and rows of trampolines!


Dodge ball is still a favorite of mine, but where are all the kids?


They’re HERE!!  Look at this!  The Sky Rider uses gravity to whirl you around the ropes course, while you’re safely buckled into a harness!  The two ropes you hold allow you to swing wide, or not so much!  My son was swinging!

Hey, the weight limit for the Sky Rider is 300 lbs., and had I not worn a dress, I probably would have been right up there with him!

Mommy Tip #1: Don’t wear a dress, unless you need a good excuse….

The Ropes Course lets kid have fun, never knowing that they are working and strengthening those much needed core muscles!  Balance activities are great muscle builders, and this ropes course is a terrific confidence builder, too!


The Warrior Obstacle Course is terrific!  It’s all the best of American Ninja, but with a soft ball pit under you!

The kids enjoy falling in the balls as much as they enjoy running the courses!

Worried about the cleanliness of the park, and all those balls.  Click HERE to visit the Urban Air website and find out how they keep the germs from interfering with your child’s fun!


My son’s a climber.  He’s been rock climbing since he was 3, but the fun and unique climbing walls made this fun and challenging for him!


Of course, the most fun on these was jumping off!


Gravity is Overrated…

Image courtesy of Urban Air facebook
Each Urban Air offers a few different activities, so you’ll want to check before you go.  While researching for this post, I saw this Battle Beam at another location, and can’t wait to take my kid on, Robin Hood and Little John style!

The Fort Worth location will house Indoor Skydiving when it opens!

Know Before You Go

Admission to the park is by the hour, so you’ll want to wait for your entire group to arrive, if you’re meeting someone, before you get started.

Do your waivers online before you arrive to save time!

Kids can go barefoot, or purchase socks with grips.  My kids ALL prefer barefoot.

Bring a pair of flip flops for the restrooms, for easy on/off for the kids.  The restrooms are clean, but not for bare feet!

Bring baby wipes, or maybe antibacterial wipes, to clean those footsies before you leave.  The place is very clean, but feet still get dirty.

Money Savin’ Momma Tips

Before you go, check for daily specials, which can save you a lot of money!

They offer an Early Bird Specials, so try to go early!



Click HERE to purchase a POGO Pass for San Antonio, Austin/Waco or DFW!

A word about Pogo Pass and Groupons, they are only for Open Jumps, and there is an additional fee to use the Adventure Park!

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