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I already love Groupon, and it’s one of the first places I go when I am planning a trip to another city, Texas or otherwise.  I love that even if I accidentally let my Groupon expire, I can still put the money I used to buy the Groupon towards my visit.

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I was even more thrilled when they recently started a buy back, allowing me to use the money I spent on a Groupon to Shangrillama in Parker, TX.,  and transfer it to buy a Groupon to Space Time Park in San Marcos!

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As a U. S. Family Blogger, I get plenty of special invitations, and this week I was invited to check out Groupon Coupons.  I had no idea what a Groupon Coupon was, and I’m not a big coupon-er…. but they offered a financial reimbursement to check it out.

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We were invited to a wedding, and the couple was registered at Bed, Bath an Beyond, so I went to see what Groupon Coupons were available.  I was directed to a site to sign up on their email list for a 20% off coupon!  It took my literally 10 seconds and I saved about $20.00.  Not too bad!  Click HERE to check out their link!

Image courtesy of Hyatt Place Houston Galleria
Yesterday, I was scheduling a trip to Houston, and I love the Hyatt Place Houston Galleria, especially their terrific breakfast buffet, so I checked Groupon Coupons, and found a $10 discount through, and get points.  I cross-checked it with the Hyatt website, and found that I could get the same room for $1 more, with my Hyatt FREE membership, and get Hyatt points.  So if you use more than you stay at Hyatt, it’s a better deal!

This morning, we decided to have a picnic out at the lake, at this little island we like to visit with a rocky beach and no one can get to except by boat.  It’s pretty and very primitive, so we decided it would be nice to have a little portable grill to cook lunch.  As I was heading out the door, I remembered Groupon Coupons, and had my daughter look up Home Depot!  Sure enough, they directed me on how to get a $5.00 coupon just for entering my email address.  $5 is $5.

As I write this, my kids are scrolling through the Foot Locker website, thanks to a $20% off coupon we found on Groupon Coupons!

Truthfully, many of the coupons could be found on the stores websites, but I wouldn’t have known about them without Groupon Coupons!

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