10 Best Homemade Ice Cream Shops in Texas

My kids say I’m the only person who can take the fun out of ice cream, because we eat SO much each summer, just to make sure this list stays current!  Please don’t let their brain-freezes go to waste!    

Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, Denton

Step back in time at Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream,  located on the Denton Courthouse Square.  Enjoy homemade ice cream in a nostalgic ice cream shop and soda fountain!   Beth Marie’s offers over 100 flavors, some very unique ones, too!  Their ‘Texas Heat’ is chocolate chip with candied jalapeños!  Call ahead and book a behind the scenes tour, to complete your visit.  Once you are hooked on the stuff,  Beth Marie’s can be found at local DFW Central Market Grocery Stores!

logo[1]Amy’s Ice Cream, Austin

Amy’s Ice Cream opened in Austin in 1984, and has been growing in flavors and locations ever since.  Take a FREE tour of their original location on Guadalupe, then eat some of the most unique flavors in ice cream, including a few that are not for the children! Click HERE to visit their website.


Hey Mikey, Galveston

Using fresh, local ingredients, Hey Mikey in Galveston’s Strand District serves up a revolving list of favorite flavors.  The kids will love watching as they make fresh waffle cones, and the ice cream nachos are more than enough to share, but you don’t have to.

They also make a vanilla bourbon ice cream that ISN’T sold in the store, but available at Oceanside Grill and Riondo’s on the island.  Click HERE to visit Hey Mikey’s website.


Henry’s Ice Cream, Plano

We became acquainted with Henry’s during the 2015 Blue Bell Ice Cream famine, when several of our favorite ice cream parlors switched to Henry’s.  To me, the mark of a good ice cream is the vanilla, and I love it’s creamy texture!  There are over 700 restaurants and stores that now sell Henry’s in Texas, but you can’t beat their storefront in Plano for freshness, and pile it high on a Big As Texas Waffle Cone!  Click HERE to visit their website.


Melt, Fort Worth

Of all the ice creameries we visited, Melt is probably my favorite just because of their simplicity.  They make ice cream.  Nothing else, no snow cones, hot dogs, nachos, just 6 flavors of ice cream, with a couple of toppings.  They do what they do well, too.  The ice cream is delicious, served in a cup or a waffle taco!  Located in the bustling Southside of Fort Worth, it’s the perfect way to end an evening of dinner on Magnolia, and sightseeing the cute homes of the refurbished Fairmount Historic District.  Click HERE to visit their website.

image courtesy of Lick Ice Cream
Lick Honest Ice Creams, Austin

Available in restaurants and stores in Texas, Lick Ice Cream is too good for words.  Happy, Central Texas cows provide the milk and cream, and all natural flavors with nothing artificial.  It’s amazing.  Visit the original Lamar store and click HERE to visit their website.


Helados Handcrafted Ice Cream, Mansfield

Mexican Ice Cream is quickly becoming a new foodie trend, and Helados (which is Spanish for Frozen) Handcrafted Ice Cream is a wonderful example of this popular craze!  A newbie to the ice cream scene, they only opened Feb. 2016.  We visited on their 2nd day of business, and while the churro milkshakes weren’t yet available, the vanilla ice cream was terrific, tasting very similar to that we had at the Starlight Theater in Terlinqua last fall, brought over from Boquillas, Mexico during the Blue Bell shortages.  So new, they don’t even have a website yet, but you can’t eat a website.  Visit them at 1007 East Broad St.in Mansfield.

1625526_228329470699752_6683217361413839426_n[1]Mad Mike’s Ice Cream, Arlington

Chill down with a Mad Mike’s cone or cup!  Their ice cream is all made on site, and my favorite feature is that you can get 2 flavors in a single scoop!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page!

Happy Scoops, Burnet

I love their homemade banana ice cream, with little bits of banana in each bite!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page!


Howdy Homemade

The Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at Howdy Homemade in Dallas is as special as the people who work there!  Click HERE to read more.


Blue Bell Creameries Tour in Brenham

As of 4/2016, Blue Bell in Brenham is not offering tours, but the gift shop and ice cream parlor is still open.

There is still lots more to do in the historic little town of Brenham… so leave yourself plenty of time to take your tour into downtown Brenham’s Main Street District.

Click HERE to read more about it!

Justin’s Ice Cream, 2019

Justin’s Ice Cream Company, San Antonio

Located on the Riverwalk, Justin’s Ice Cream Company has been a staple since 1981 for ending a long day in San Antonio!  Their ice cream is all handmade daily, and a great way to keep cool on a warm day!

A few places we haven’t tried….yet!   But you keep reading and we’ll keep eating…

Hank’s Ice Cream, Houston

Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery, Fredericksburg

Milk + Cream, Dallas

Sweet Cup Gelato, Houston

Sweet Ritual, Austin

Gypsy Scoops, Fort Worth

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