Springtown Dinosaur Tracks, Springtown

We’re a dinosaur hunting family.  Anytime we hear of a good dinosaur attraction, it immediately goes on our Bucket List of things to do.  So, in May, when it was reported that a mom and her daughter were walking in Walnut Creek in Springtown looking for arrowheads, and found some dinosaur tracks instead, we immediately knew we needed to check it out this summer!  What makes these tracks SO cool is that they are located right in downtown Springtown!




We parked in Downtown and took a nice little walk down to the Dinosaur Tracks!


Dublin broke away from my son, and ran down to the creek ahead of us, dragging her leash behind her.


The creek bottom was all sand here.  To find 90 million year-old dinosaur tracks, we needed to find some rock!


The park has a nice playground, too.  We’ve stopped here before, on our way to Fort Worth from Fort Richardson State Park in Jacksboro, about 30 minutes away!  Fort Richardson has recreated their barracks, hospital and several of the officers quarters, and they are furnished and depict like at the fort, down to the food on the plates!  Click HERE to read more about it.


But instead of walking towards the park, we turned left and crossed a little bridge.  Immediately after the bridge, we turned right onto a gravel path, and then looked for this little sandy trail that leads down into the creek!


From the bottom of the sandy trail, you can see the bridge we just crossed.


Here in the creek bed, there is a lot of exposed rock!


Here in the rock, the prints are everywhere!


Of course, you bring your toy dinosaurs to see dinosaur tracks!


Other places to see Dinosaur Tracks

Two other fun places to see dinosaur tracks are Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, click HERE to read more, and Cibolo Nature Center and Farm in Boerne, click HERE to read more.

Know Before You Go

Wear close-toed shoes with a little grip.

Bring water, sunscreen and insect repellent.

You can park a little closer to the tracks, at the back of the Springtown Elementary School.  Look for the bridge, but don’t cross it.  The trail will be on your left.

Things To Do in Springtown


I’ve got to give a shout out to my friend, Molly, who helped us plan a fun day in Springtown!  She owns Wood Designs and More by Molly, and makes GREAT Texas t-shirts, koozies and much more!  Click HERE to visit her facebook page!


In the park, there is a fun little playground and a disc golf course.

If you want to cool off, you’re about 15 minutes away from Twin Points Lake Park.  An entry fee gives you a whole day at this fun lake park to swim!  Click  HERE to read more.

About 25 minutes away is Unk’s Lake, a spring-fed swimming hole with diving boards, sandy beaches and a blob!  Click HERE to read more.


Outwest Campground and RV Park has a 5 acre pond for fishing.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Springtown Dinosaur Tracks

Springtown Park

Click HERE to visit their facebook page.    

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