Johnny Steele Dog Park, Houston

We adopted a sweet little pup in March, Dublin, and since then I’ve been tailoring most of our weekend trips to places that are pup friendly!  For Mother’s Day weekend, we visited the Houston Arboretum for a walk among the millions of blackberries growing wild along the trails, about half of which my son ate!  It seemed like everyone at the Arboretum had a dog, and Dublin wanted to play with all of them, but they just walked on past with their families!  Afterwards, we headed just down the road to Barbaby’s on Woodway, which has a very dog-friendly patio!  It seemed like a lot of dog-moms were out celebrating, and every table on the patio had at least one dog!  But again, none of the dogs wanted to play!!!

After lunch, we tried to rent a kayak at Bayou City Adventures, to go paddling on Buffalo Bayou, but all the kayaks and paddleboards were already rented out, so we just walked along the trail, holding our nose as we passed under the Waugh Drive Bridge, home to hundreds of thousands of bats that you can watch take off each evening throughout the year!

Soon after, we heard the sounds of happy dogs as realized we were passing the Johnny Steele Dog Park!  Dublin had just turned four months old, younger pups are not allowed in dog parks, and completed her puppy shots and gotten her rabies vaccination, and we couldn’t wait let her loose to play!


We’re already fans of dog parks, but the Johnny Steele Dog Park puts all other parks to shame!  This is an amazing place for dogs and their humans!   Dublin, a border collie/husky mix, is only 14 lbs. now, and we tried the small dog side first, but she was a little too rowdy over there, and we quickly headed over to play with the big dogs!

I loved watching the big dogs jump in and out of the pool, which is large but not very deep!  Dublin hesitated about going in, although she’s been swimming before.  We spend so much time in the water that I really hope she learns to enjoy it!


The dogs at the park were all so friendly and wanted to play and RUN, her favorite activity!  She loves to chase things, and be chased!  These big dogs gave her plenty of competition!


She was soon completely wet, muddy and exhausted!



Luckily, the park also has a rinsing station, where she got a good little bath before we headed home!

Things To Do in Houston near the park, with your dog


Grab a life jacket for you and your dog and check out Bayou City Adventures kayak and SUP paddleboard rentals!  Click HERE to read more.

Tour Buffalo Bayou Park by bike!  Visit the Houston Bike Barn to rent adult and kid size bikes to ride through the park.  Click HERE for more information.

Catch a fun concert or children’s show at Miller Outdoor Theater, where pups are always welcome!  Click HERE for more information.


Before our visit to the dog park, we had lunch at Barnaby’s, where everyone else had a dog, too!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Johnny Steele Dog Park 

2929 Allen Parkway

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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