Aquarium Restaurant, Kemah

There are a ton of seafood restaurants in Kemah, but only one where you can actually watch huge groupers and stingrays while you eat!  The Aquarium Restaurant is an actual aquarium with tables set around it so diners can watch the fish during their meal!

Aquarium Restaurant on the Kemah Boardwalk

It’s located on the Kemah Boardwalk, so there is a price for parking and you’re going to want to have plenty of time to explore the boardwalk when you’re done!

Aquarium Restaurant on the Kemah Boardwalk

In addition to eating with the fish, you can even FEED the fish!  Stingray Bay is a huge tank filled with barbless stingrays who will come right up and take the food right out of your hands!

Aquarium Restaurant on the Kemah Boardwalk

There’s a cute gift shop, too.

Kemah Boardwalk

Know Before You Go

Purchase a Landry’s Select Club Card before you go, for priority seating.  There is a one-time fee of $25, and you will receive a $25 Welcome Reward to use after 24 hours of purchasing the card.  So purchase a day before you visit.  You can use the card at any of the Landry’s Chain of Restaurants, which are a lot, and for every $250 you spend, you get $25 in Rewards!  That includes Rainforest Cafe, the Galveston Hilton and much more!  Click HERE for more information.

Things To Do in Kemah


The Kemah Boardwalk has rides out over the bay!  Click HERE to visit their website.

The Boardwalk Beast takes you 4 miles out into Galveston Bay!  Click HERE visit their website.

Pinky’s Kayak Rentals lets you get out on the water in either a kayak or SUP!  They offer guided tours, yoga on the water and more!  Click HERE to visit their website.


Stay on the Boardwalk at the Boardwalk Inn.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Aquarium Restaurant 

#11 Kemah Boardwalk

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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