Bosque Waterpark at Lake Whitney, Laguna Park

I love Lake Whitney, and I’m always ready for any excuse to visit this beautiful, central Texas lake!  So when I heard that there was a fun resort and waterpark right above the banks of the Brazos River, just south of the Lake Whitney dam in Laguna Park, I couldn’t wait to go check it out!

The Bosque Resort’s Waterpark is certainly a fun way to spend a day, and what I loved most about it is that it’s not trying to be “like” anything else, it’s completely it’s own thing!  Please check out My Mommy Tips and go see for yourself!


Know Before You Go

You can purchase tickets and fill out waivers online, which will save you time at the gate.

FREE tubes and life jackets (bring your own if you have one), but one person in your party will need to leave a drivers license to get them.

No coolers or outside food and drink allowed.

There are NO in/out privileges, so be sure you have everything with you!

There are lockers available to rent for $5, with a $5 deposit.

The only restrooms are up by the water slides.

About the Staff

I just have to brag for a minute about the staff, from the lady handing out life jackets to the life guards, everyone was incredibly friendly!  You could just tell that they really enjoyed their jobs!


Fun Lake

Our first stop was to the beach at Fun Lake, where we found some chairs and put down our stuff!

We rented a locker for our phones, wallets and car keys.

There was plenty of seating, and they offer private cabanas!

Bring little cars and sand toys for the kids!




My 8-year-old son and 44-year-old husband both loved this extra long slip-n-slide!  The trick is to get a good running start!


Our family loves volleyball!  There was a ball sitting on the beach, no need to bring your own!


Lake bottoms are a big thing for most swimmers, especially in dark water, where you can’t see the bottom.  The sandy bottom at Fun Lake has little pebbles mixed in, which actually gave us great traction for volleyball, too!

Because the water is filtered and chlorinated, there are no fish or little wigglies living in the water.


Walk up the hill to see the 3 water slides; Texas Twister F3, F4 and F5!


The slides were LOTS of fun!


and from the top of the slides you get a great view of the resort and Brazos Valley down below!


The water slides drop you off into the river, which takes about 15 – 20 minutes to ride down, and isn’t really lazy at all!  Some parts move slower, but there are plenty of fun little ripples and rapids, too!  I love river rides, and this one is terrific!!

At the bottom, you’re back in Fun Lake, where you can swim, play, visit the Swim Up Bar for drinks and nachos, or just grab your tube and do it again!


It’s a bit of a walk back up the hill, and the concrete can get hot.  Water shoes are not a bad idea….


Covered picnic tables are a great place to rest up and enjoy burgers or other concession type food.



There are 8 cabins that can be rented, and a full service restaurant.  Both are open year round.  We didn’t stay, but I did get a picture for you!

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Bosque Resort and Waterpark

341 TX-22, Laguna Park 

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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