Children’s Museum of Houston, Houston

The only thing that makes the Children’s Museum of Houston better is to visit it with friends, and we had a great time playing, building and exploring during a Mommy and Me trip to Houston this week!


Know Before You Go

The CMH reciprocates with other museums in the ATSC Passport Program.  We were able to visit the museum for free with our Museum Membership to the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo.  Click HERE to learn more about the ATSC.

The Museum is FREE Every Thursday night from 5-8pm!

Outside food and drinks are not allowed.  The CMH has a cafe in the Kid’s Hall.  We packed a picnic lunch and ate at Hermann Park, just a short block away.



Our first stop was Kidtropolis, which has timed entry during peak hours. Kids receive an ATM card, pick out a job, buy groceries and can deposit their paychecks!

Avoid peak times.  We waited for everything, but later in the day it was almost empty.

My son spent the majority of his time in the Art Gallery, which had paint, crayons, and other mediums for painting!  Since it was out first stop, his wet painting was ruined by the time we left, 7 hours later!


Power Tower

I couldn’t help but feel gypted as a child after seeing the Power Tower.  We didn’t have ANYTHING this near growing up!

Flip flops or crocs aren’t allowed.  Wear close-toed shoes, they won’t be able to climb Mt. Boulder without them, either!



Watch out, Mad Scientist at work!


Invention Convention

A huge space filled with all different types of building toys, as well as paper airplane launchers, robots and even a 3D printer!  We could have stayed here all day!



You can’t help but get a little wet when you step outside to play!  Learn how water flows, how dams work and more, all while having fun!   A concession kiosk sold cool popsicles for $1, too!



My favorite exhibit space is the Ecostation, with more building toys, plants and even an incubator with hatching chicks!


Matter Factory

Museum staff led us in experiments!  We made a sound from a record using a needle and a cone-shaped piece of paper!  For more ideas on how to do this at home, click HERE to check out this fun activity from Science Buddies.


How It Works 

Another room we could have spent ALL day in was the How It Works exhibit!  It’s all hands on and completely interactive!


We built our own rollercoaster, for a theme park I’ll name HAVING FUN IN THE TEXAS SUN-LAND!


Tot Spot

Younger children get a huge play area to themselves and their care-givers, including an outside area!  I loved that everyone was required to wear shoe booties to protect the space!


Fiddle Sticks Toys

While you can take the learning home with a huge selection of educational toys in their shop, only I get to take home these two goof balls!

Things To Do in Houston

The CMH is located right in the Museum District of Houston, which is also near the Medical Center and borders Hermann Park.  You could easily spend days and days and never leave this tiny part of Houston!


Explore the McGovern Centennial Gardens, just a short walk away!  Click HERE to read more!

The Houston Museum of Natural Science lets you discover past, present and future of our world!  Click HERE to read more!

Kids and adults alike will love the interactive exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  Click HERE to read more.

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  Click HERE to check out all the animals out the Houston Zoo!


Great tacos just down the street at Bodegas.  Click HERE to visit their website.


For my kids, it’s all about the pool.  The Houston Hilton Medical Plaza has a nice outdoor pool for during the summer.  The indoor pool at the Houston Marriott Medical Center wins during the cooler months with a big, glass windows above the pool.  Both are about 1.5 miles away from the CMH.

Children’s Museum of Houston

1500 Binz Street, Houston

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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