Dove Park, Spray Pad and Waterpark, Grapevine

I’ve always loved the parks in Grapevine, and Dove Park is one of my favorites!  The complex offers a public park, a FREE spray pad and a fun public swimming pool, complete with slides and activities to not keep you cool, but having lots of fun for a very affordable price!  We spent a fun day checking it all out!


Know Before You Go

Free Parking

Credit Cards are accepted

Coolers/Outside Food is welcome

Concessions are available.

There are plenty of tables and places to sit, too!

The pool re-opens in the evenings, giving working parents a chance to play during the week!

Like a lot of public pools, scuba/snorkel mask are not allowed at Dove Pool.  Goggles, that fit only over the eyes, are okay.  The belief is that just a tiny bit of water, trapped in the mask could potential drown a child.


The slides were the main attraction!  While the yellow slide dropped off into the deep water, and kids must be able to swim, the purple slide emptied into zero water, and was perfect for all the kids!

The kids loved crossing across the water obstacles!


My little climber enjoyed the rock wall!


There is also a fun station for playing in multiple water activities, and I loved that it was covered!


Dove Park

When we left the waterpark, we headed just outside to dry off a little in the fun park that is FREE and open to the public all year!  My 8-year-old loved the big treehouse!

Casey’s Clubhouse is a handicap-accessible playground!


There are also plenty of covered picnic tables!


Dove Park Spray Ground

Of course, ten minutes of playing in the Texas heat, and he was not only dry but hot, so we walked back to the FREE spraypad for kids that is open during the summer, to cool off!

The Spray Park is completely gated, which is great for younger children!  Much of it is covered, too!  There are also tables available.

Open 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week.

There are also sand volleyball courts, basketball and tennis courts, all open to the public!

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Dove Waterpark

1509 Hood Lane, Grapevine

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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