Texas A & M Chemistry Road Show

Kids LOVE science, and the Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show encourages that curiosity and love of science with their traveling show, the Chemistry Road Show!  We caught the show in College Station, during the prospective student Aggieland Weekend, but they load up their van and travel all over the state!

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Know Before You Go 

Go early to get a good seat.

While older kids love the bangs produced during the shows, it may upset younger children.


We’ve seen a lot of science shows, but this (and the Electric Theater at the Perot in Dallas) is defintely our favorite!

photo courtesy of Texas A&M
You can’t help but LOVE the elephant toothpaste, but they also did some incredible activities with balloons and gases (that made loud pops), and colored fire!!  Loved it!

They will be busy this summer, heading all over the state to libraries for what are usually FREE shows!  Find one near you, click HERE.


If you happen to catch a show in College Station, you have to grab dinner just down the street (walking distance) at the Dixie Chicken. While it’s not the BEST chicken you’ll ever eat, it’s a fun place to visit, and very popular!


Bottlecap Alley is in the alley next to Dixie Chicken, and it’s just awesome.  As awesome as millions of old bottlecaps can be, anyway!

Texas A & M Chemistry Road Show  

Dr. Jim Pennington
Senior Lecturer & Research Associate
Chemistry Roadshow Coordinator
Phone: 979-845-2686
Email pennington@chem.tamu.edu

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