Kids Disco at It’ll Do, Dallas

Kids Disco is celebrating their fourth year of fun in Dallas, and the reason they have made it so long is because it is so much FUN!  They rent the It’ll Do Club in Deep Ellum every other Friday night and open it to kids for dancing and birthday parties!  A $5 Cover Charge gets them in, and adults are FREE.  All ages of kids are present; Toddlers, Preschoolers, even tweens and teens are out on the floor grooving, and many parents are right there with them!  Go with a bunch of friends, a family date night or reserve a birthday party, but go while you can!  Before you know it, they won’t want you dancing within a half mile of them!


Know Before You Go 

Parking is FREE and in demand.  Arrive early for a good spot!  In fact, arrive early enough to back in to your parking spot, because the lot was so crowded when we left that I don’t think I could have backed my big SUV out.

$5.00 Cover Fee for kids 12 and under, and adults are FREE. My 16-year-old was FREE, too.

Sure it’s fun, but adults aren’t allowed without kiddos.  Borrow some if you have too!


My plan was to arrive early and get a parking space, then walk to grab a bite to eat before going to the club.  However, It’ll Do is about a mile East from the main strip of Deep Ellum, and really not walking distance.  There are some closer restaurants, but we just grabbed a yummy chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries from the food truck!


Disco Rules

Just like a real club, the kids get their hands stamped at the door!

I appreciate that kids aren’t allowed to leave without an adult, but it’s not Chuck E. Cheese and the doors aren’t really monitored, so keep up with your kiddos!

For safety’s sake, kids can’t run around the dance floor, although they will be tempted.  You’ll hear parents and staff alike reminding them all evening long.



Since we arrived a little early, I was able to snap a few pictures before they turned the lights off.  I love the big seats, so grab a spot to sit as soon as you get there, or don’t worry about it and just dance!



Dance Floor

Another early picture before the lights went out!  The kids all love the light up floor!  The dance floor is huge, and by 8pm it was full of Disco Kids!



A live DJ played a mix of oldies and new music.  You won’t hear any Kidz Bop or Laurie Berkner, it’s all top 40.  We heard Watch Me Whip (Nae Nae), What does the Fox Say, a lot of One Direction and not a single lyric to Disco Duck.


The REQUIRED Disco ball….


While some of the little kids had some real moves, most of the kids just jumped and danced the night away!  Some of the cool parents were out dancing, too!


At the beginning of the evening, the crowd was mostly little children, but as the night progressed older and older kids kept showing up, until there were most tweens and teenagers!


Birthday Parties! 

During our visit there were 2 Birthday Parties going on, and I’m thinking it’s where I want to have MY OWN party next month!  You get a reserved area for your party, with a couple of tables for set-up!  Both parties brought in cakes, pizza and TONS of glow necklaces!  My kid came back wearing these that one of the parties just gave him, and I half expected him to be eating one of their cupcakes!  Before the night was over, they were invited to another party at DiscoKids in May!



A small concession stand sells candy, juice boxes and anything that glows.  Glow is the Disco color, and you can purchase from them or bring your own!


Food and Drinks

JBirds Chicken Food Truck was set up outside to feed the hungry masses, and we were able to bring the food into the club!

Cold water is available for free, and the full service bar sells sodas.  Beer and mixed drinks are available to Disco Kids over 21.


The Photo Van

$10 gets you a cute keepsake photo.  They have lots of fun props to make it even more memorable!

Dress to Impress

I wasn’t sure what to wear, or how to dress my kid, but there wasn’t a “dress-code”.  Some girls were in their twirliest dresses, some kids were in shorts.  The same held true for the parents, some were dressed for a night out and other for chasing their 2-year-old across a dance floor all night.


However, if your kids have Disco Fever, there is always this great costume.  Click HERE for the link.  And yes, it comes in adult sizes, too!

Things To Do in Dallas


You’re just minutes from Fair Park, so spend the day exploring the Children’s Aquarium and Texas Discovery Gardens before you head over to dance the night away!  Click HERE to read more!


Twisted Root, at 2615 Commerce St.  This is the original, where it all started.  Kids love the flavored drinks and funky decor, so do parents.


I’m crazy about Hotel Indigo Dallas, located in the original Dallas Opera building.  It’s modern decor is the perfect place to go to after a kiddie-night on the town!  Click HERE to read more!

Kids Disco at It’ll Do

4322 Elm St, Dallas  

Click HERE to visit their facebook page.  

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