X-Cape Adventures, Mesquite

One of the newest and most popular trends in family-friendly activities are Escape Rooms, which have been popping up all over the world!  We visited X-cape Adventures in Mesquite, and quickly realized why, these rooms are full of quick-thinking fun as you race the clock to solve puzzles and clues!


X-Cape Adventures in Mesquite was our FIRST escape room, and none of us were really sure what to expect!  The staff was incredible about walking us through the room, how things work and what we can and cannot do!


Know Before You Go

Recommended for 13 and above, although our 7-year-old was able to stay busy (and loved it) helping us search for clues and even just keeping an eye on the clock!

The rooms are actually pretty large, and we were never actually “locked” in our room, and able to leave if we wanted, so there was never a fear or feeling of claustrophobia.

It’s all indoors, and no special shoes or clothing are needed.

Be at your mental best to work the puzzles, so eat and drink something before you go, and make sure everyone uses the restroom before entering the room!


X-cape Adventures offers two themed adventures Steam Punk and Game Over.  We did Steam Punk, described as a “…. a type of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Two key features are a Victorian or alternate reality setting and futuristic inventions powered by steam, gears, and clockwork parts.”   Game Over is an arcade-themed room with lots of bright lights!


Once we were inside our room, we began hunting for clues as the clock started ticking down!  Cameras in the room help the staff know when you get stuck, and allow them to offer “hints” if needed!  Yes, we needed a few hints!


We were provided with flashlights to help us search for the clues and work the many different types of puzzles and clues hidden in the room!  While it was dark, it wasn’t scary, only exciting as we hurried before the boiler room was set to explode, hence the name, Steam Punk.   12112016_10207679878780524_1347300782482618734_n[1]

We started off like a hot mess, as we each went different directions and really unsure what we were doing, but as the clues started taking on a meaning, we started working together and helping each other on their clues!  We each worked seperate clues, but one of our biggest and most time-consuming mistakes was not going back and re-checking each others clues and calculations!


Sadly, the clock wound down before we had found all our clues, and the room did go “Boom” in a very fun and not scary way!  The boom was ABSOLUTELY appropriate, because we all had a blast!

X-Cape Adventures

2414 E. Hwy 80, #409 Mesquite TX


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