Dinosaur World, Glen Rose

It’s been 65 million years since dinosaurs roamed the Texas landscape, but a visit to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose will feel like you have traveled back in time, with life-size dinosaur replicas so realistic, you’ll be waiting for the impact tremors!


Know Before You Go

Outside food and drinks and allowed, and there are plenty of picnic tables all over the park!

Dinosaur World doesn’t sell food, although they do have vending machines and water for sale.

REAL Restrooms with changing tables!

Children under 3 are FREE!



The main feature of Dinosaur World is the 1 mile walk to view over 150 life-sized dinosaur replicas!

It’s a hard, concrete path, so bring strollers or wagons for younger children.

Wear comfortable shoes for walking.

There is some shade, but don’t forget sunscreen!

Plan to walk the trail in the early morning or late afternoon on hot days!

Bring plenty of water!


About 1/2 way along the trail is the Fish Pond, with hundreds of little Koi fish you can feed with food for sale in the gift shop!  We loved watching them all jump, and be sure to look a little further out for the younger fish!

CIMG0294Fossil Dig

My kids, especially my seven-year-old, loved the fossil dig!  Several times a day they open the fossil dig for 15 minutes, when kids can dig and sift for real fossils, 3 of which they get to keep!

The fossil dig is included in the ticket price for kids 3-12 years of age.

Take a minute before the dig starts to look over the photographs of the fossils they will be finding.  The more you know, the more fun it is!

If you find your kids REALLY love the Fossil Dig, plan to visit the Mineral Wells Fossil Park.  A FREE “Keep What You Find” Fossil Park!  Click HERE to read our review!



Dinosaur World also has an indoor museum with dinosaur displays and several animatronic dinosaurs!


Dino Dig

The Dino Dig is a terrific place to eat lunch or just let the kids play in the sand!


Dino Gem Excavation

My kids really enjoyed the Dino Gem Excavation, which allows them to use a real sluice to hunt for minerals in a bag you purchase!  Although it’s a pricey add-on, the gems and minerals they find are really neat!


We love to dig for rocks and minerals!  If your family does too, then visit nearby Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas!  Yes, I hate suggesting you leave the state, but no where else can you actually dig for real diamonds!  It’s a great weekend destination, less than 1.5 hours from Texarkana.  Click HERE to read about our visit!


Dinosaur World also has a terrific playground for kids!


Of course, they have a HUGE gift shop filled with fun dinosaur-themed toys and shirts, plus lots of really nice fossil replicas and some real items!  It’s a terrific place to shop for the dinosaur lovers in your life, even if you don’t visit the park!


I LOVE that Dinosaur World is Dog Friendly!


Dinosaur Valley State Park 

Dinosaur World is located right next door to Dinosaur Valley State Park, which has real dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River Bed.  It’s a great place to visit before or after a trip to Dinosaur World, and they have campsites for a fun weekend!  This picture is of the Blue Hole, a fun swimming area with a dinosaur track!  It’s located slightly under water in this picture, near the rock!  Can you find it?  For more information, click HERE to read our review.

Dinosaur World

1058 Park Rd 59, Glen Rose

Click HERE to visit their website

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