Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, Murchison

I was in my young twenties the first time I read a Cleveland Amory book, The Cat Who Came For Christmas, and loved all the books that followed.  It was only natural that I wanted to visit Amory’s world renowned wildlife sanctuary here in Texas, the Black Beauty Ranch.  Almost twenty years later, I got my wish when the ranch, not normally open to the public, but offers scheduled tours.  The kids and I were so excited!


Know Before You Go

It’s not a zoo.  Don’t expect the animal’s homes to be set up for viewing by the public.

Wear close-toed shoes, you are at a ranch.

There are port-a-potties located near the gift shop and offices.


The animal homes are big, with lots of room for them to live.  They are created for their comfort, not for public viewing, which means it’s harder to see the animals.


There were fun facts about the animals posted around the ranch.  We loved the friendly piggies!


There are several primates that live at Black Beauty Ranch.  The story of Nim Chimsky, one of the first chimpanzees to come live at Black Beauty Ranch, is a heartbreaking one with a happy ending. Click HERE to read more about it.


A hay ride around the sanctuary gave us an up close view of the animals!


Over 1000 animals call the sanctuary home.


Some exotic animals


Even a camel!  We are still searching for our friend, Clarence the Camel from the Dallas Zoo.  With much hope, we asked, but sadly, he isn’t there.


Texas in the spring is so beautiful!


Black Beauty Ranch is also home to a number of big cats!


Also located at The Black Beauty Ranch is the Doris Day Equine Center, which offers adoptions for horses that are suitable for adoption!CIMG0091  There are also many burros at the ranch that have been rescued from public lands.  The first burros to be rescued came from the Grand Canyon, and were to be exterminated until Amory stepped in!  The burros were then flown out of the canyon by helicopter!


Meet the Zonkey.  Part donkey, part zebra.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

12526 County Road 3806, Murchison 

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