Alley Cats Family Entertainment Center, Arlington

Alley Cats Family Entertainment Center offers plenty of fun for the entire family, with 2 large buildings full of activities!


1.  Bowling

Big lanes with comfy seating and automatic “bumpers” for younger players.

Glow Bowling is a blast!  Bring your own glow necklaces, etc.

Like all bowling alleys, Alley Cats requires bowling shoes.  They rent shoes, but did you know that you can usually find bowling shoes for sale on Craigslist for about $10-$15, or buy them new at Academy for $30?  Not a deal for growing feet, but they will definitely pay for themselves for adults, even if you only bowl once or twice a year!

Kids Bowl Free is our Summer Tradition!  We have a weekly bowl day, and with the family membership, we all bowl for free!  Shoes are additional.

2.  Laser Tag

Kids LOVE Laser Tag!  Alley Cats games last 10 minutes, and are on 2 levels with lots of dark hiding places!

3.  Rock Climbing Wall

The climbing wall stretches up 26′ above the arcade!

4.  Arcade

You actually can choose from 2 arcades, one inside the bowling alley and a smaller one by the Putt-Putt.  The card can be used at either location, but not at any other Putt-Putt.

Alley Cats has a fun new game, AtomicRush!

While we were cleaning the house for Christmas, we came across a forgotten coffee can filled with old Putt-Putt and Chuck E. Cheese tokens.  After sorting them, we had 288 Putt-Putt tokens, over $70 worth!  Putt-Putt converted over to cards years ago, but they were happy to the put the balance on a card for us!

5.  Putt Putt 

Choose from 3 courses, with water hazards.  What I really appreciate is how shaded most of the course is!!

6.  Batting Cages

There are 7 cages with baseball 70/80 mph, 60 mph, 50 mph, and 40 mph,  plus slow pitch softball.


7.  Birthday Parties

Alley Cats offers private rooms for parties, and different prices.

8.  Food

The menu consist of pizza, hot dogs, popcorn and pretzels.  Pretty much your standard fare for a bowling alley.

There are MANY places to eat nearby, before or after your visit.

Alley Cats does have a full bar.


9. Pogo Pass

A Pogo Pass gives you one FREE game of Putt-Putt a month for an entire year!

Things to do in Arlington 

Alley Cats is just down the street from the Parks at Arlington Mall, AMC Theatre, The Highlands and many other Arlington attractions.

Whew, there’s a lot to do in Arlington, for a complete list, click HERE.

Alley Cats Family Entertainment Center

2008 W. Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington


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