The Christmas Lights of Interlochen, Arlington

One of the most popular and consistent light displays in North Texas is the neighborhood of Interlochen in North Arlington.  The homeowners in this affluent and established neighborhood have been drawing in Christmas onlookers for over 35 years!  Most of the homes have been professionally decorated, and most of them go over the top, making for a fun and very FREE Christmas activity for the entire family!

Please check out my Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit!


1. How to Get There

From I-30, exit Fielder Rd. and go South to Randol Mill Rd.  Take Randol Mill West.  Take Westwood Dr from Randol Mill (it splits into Westwood Dr. and Meadowbrook Dr.).

When you see a line of traffic, you are there!  Just get in line behind the last car.

All traffic must stay in the right hand lane.

Police are there to help direct traffic.


2.  Know Before You Go

With over 200 homes participating, it can take from 1-2 hours to see all the lights.

The “official” time is from 7pm to leaving at 11pm (arrive no later than 9-9:30pm to see everything).  Of course, weekdays are less crowded than weekends.

The traffic line goes up and down streets, and you can leave without doing the entire neighborhood by getting in the left hand lane on Westwood Dr.

You can only enter the traffic line from westbound Westwood Dr.

Remember to make a potty stop before getting in line!

Children are still required to be in their safety seats, and all passengers must be properly buckled in (although you will see many visitors don’t adhere to this).


3. What to Bring

Fill up a thermos of hot chocolate, or make a big batch of caramel corn or other fun munchies for the drive!

Grab a couple of blankets to keep you warm, as it’s fun to drive with the windows down and listen to the music playing from several of the houses.

Decorate your own car with battery powered lights to get in on the fun!


4.   Pack Your Patience

The line, while long, is always moving.


5.  Greatest Generation Aircraft

While you will see many limos escorting light lookers through Interlochen every night, one of the most unique and fun ways to see the lights is in a vintage airplane with Greatest Generation Aircraft!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Things to do in Arlington 

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Christmas Lights of Interlochen

Westwood Dr., Arlington


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