Camp Wisdom Boy Scout Camp, Dallas

This year I have started a new adventure as my first graders Cub Scout Den Leader.  He’s wanted to be in cub scouts as long as I can remember, and follow in the foot steps of his older brother.  We are both very excited, and have an amazing group of boys in our den and pack!

For our first Cub Scout pack campout, we headed to Camp Wisdom Boy Scout Camp in Dallas.  It’s a beautiful camp, and it’s really hard to believe you are just minutes from downtown Dallas.  I’ve made a list of my top Mommy Tips to help you make the most of your visit!  They are definitely things I wish I had known before going!

CIMG16061.  The Ranger Station

As soon as you arrive at Camp Wisdom, you should visit the Ranger Station to pick up a camp map, and check out the large one they have posted.  Not only will it help you find your campsite, but it’s also a great way to learn your way around the camp! The camp rangers will assist you, and there is a museum inside the station, but it was closed when we arrived on Saturday morning.

2.  Gates

Once you are at the Ranger’s Station, there are 2 entrances to the camping areas, one on the left side of the ranger station and one on the right.  Check the map to know which gate you need to go through, as they access different areas.  The rangers will only give the automatic gate code to your Pack or Troop leader, so be sure to contact them for the code.

3.  Parking

You are only allowed to have your car at the campsite long enough to unload, then you must return your car to the parking lot outside the gates, and walk back to your campsite.  They do enforce this rule.

4.  Camp Sites

There are numerous areas to camp, which will be assigned to your troop or pack.  We camped at Tejas, which was beautiful, but close to the road.   It was a very easy walk to the parking lot, and there are not only latrines but modern restrooms and showers nearby.

5.  Restroom Facilities

This may be a vocabulary lesson.  There are latrines, which are deep holes in the ground with a regular seat on it near the campsites.  Bring Your Own Toilet Paper!  They also have running water, but Bring Your Own Soap!  

There are also modern restrooms and showers.  Check your map and ask at the Ranger’s Station where these are located.

6.  The Ships

I expected a baseball field, archery and lots of trails, but I never expected the FUN activities at Camp Wisdom.  We were camped near the Ships, which are amazing!  Two large wooden ships, one bearing a pirate’s flag and the other a colonial flag, are set in a clearing, about 30′ apart.  Kids can run up the stairs to stand on the deck, and when we arrived, we found them throwing a football back and forth!  The played captain, fought the pirates and did all the things kids are suppose to do.


7.  The Castle

Located near the Sherwood campground is the Sir Dee Castle.  I love the non-working drawbridge.  Stairs located in the middle give you a view of the impending invaders!


8.  The Maze

Located just behind the Castle is a wooden maze.  It was being used by a troop during our visit, but it sure looked fun!

CIMG15989.  Tee Pees

Across from the Castle are these two Tee Pees for climbing!

2016 April More Phone Pictures 456.jpg

10.  Mountain Cave

Not really a cave, it’s completely concrete lined and DARK!  It stays locked unless you request it to be opened, but it was the highlight of our campout!  It was GREAT to see the boys who were initially afraid their first time through running in and out by the end of our campout!

CIMG160111. The Fort

Whether you are scouting for warring Indians, Texas Rangers or Santa Anna and his army, it’s a terrific place for the kids to let their imaginations run wild!

12.  The Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre holds some special memories for me, because it’s where my oldest crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  The rocks and stage make a perfect scene for a traditional ceremony, or just a night of skits and songs!

13.  The Pool

The camp has a swimming pool that can be used by scouts

14.  The Lake

There is a pond and a small lake at Camp Wisdom.  Cub Scouts can use the camp’s row boats, and there are canoes for the Boy Scouts.


15.  Artesian Creek Trail

The camp is where Artesian Creek begins, which flows up (yes, that’s right) to Mountain Creek Lake.  Along the creek, outside of the camp, is a soft surface trial that leads to Mountain Creek Lake Park.

I don’t know, and can’t help but wonder if the water in this creek, at it’s source, is cold.  If so, I”m sure the area has an interesting history prior to Daddy Wisdom purchasing the land in 1897.

16  Area Attractions

After you admire all the amazing things to do at Camp Wisdom, the next best thing is that it’s right in Dallas, minutes from just about everything.  Boy Scout Troops spending a weekend or camping during the summer can take advantage of all the nearby attractions!

The Dallas Zoo

The Perot Museum

The JFK Museum and Sixth Floor Book Depository

Ropes Courses at Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Hike Prayer Mountain

Visit Cedar Hill State Park


Camp Wisdom Boy Scout Camp

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The Perot Museum



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