Abilene Zoo, Abilene

The Abilene Zoo



1.   Know Before You Go

Outside food and drinks are allowed.

Purchase a Family Membership for only $65, which gives you free or reduced admission for 12 months to 10 other zoos in Texas, plus many more across the country.  To view their membership page for more information, click HERE.

We purchased an Abilene Round-Up pass which gave us reduced admission to the zoo, Frontier, Texas!, 12 Armored Division Memorial Museum, Buffalo Gap Historical Village, The Grace Museum and the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature.



2.  Safari Express Train

The Safari Express Train offers visitors a view of the zoo from the trackless train.

Tokens can only be purchased from the ticket counter at the front of the zoo, so get them when you buy your tickets.


3.  Caribbean Cove

Numerous tropical animals await you at the Caribbean Cove!


My six-year-old loved this sandbox, with a lovely view of Nelson Park Lake in the background.


4. Feed the Giraffes

The 50 year-old giraffe habitat is being closed for a major remodeling, but we got a chance to feed the giraffes one last time!


5. Wetlands of the Americas

A precocious alligator, flamingos, ducks and many other waterfowl await you as you walk along the elevated boardwalk!


6.  Prairie Dogs

I love prairie dogs, and this friendly little girl was so cute!


7.   Pier at Nelson Lake

I laughed at this picture, because it seemed to me that the fish were all waiting for a kiss, swimming under the mistletoe hanging in the tree.

The bridge is bordered on one side by Nelson Lake, and there is a pier you can walk out on.  At the entrance to the pier is a fish feeding station, with LOTS of hungry carp begging for a snack!


8.   Ocelots

Oh MY Goodness!!  This adorable little ocelot cub, Lucy, was out during our visit!  We asked the keeper if she would be out, and he told us he really doubted momma would let her come outside on such a chilly day.  Minutes later, Lucy and mom came out, and Lucy stayed out playing for about 30 minutes, looking every bit like a house-kitten!


9. The Watering Hole

Take a break for lunch, and enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn and nachos at The Watering Hole.  The zoo also allows you to bring in your own lunch!

Although there are several tables by The Watering Hole, this elevated table by the monkey cage, where they will come right up to see what you are eating!


10.  Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh MY! 

The Abilene Zoo has all 3!


11. Mountain Lion or Cougar?  

Which ever you call it, this kitty has a nice big enclosure to lay about in, until the resident flock of guinea fowl came walking by, when she jumped up and went to the fence, seriously watching them!


12. Snake House and Elm Creek Backyard

There are two buildings filled with animals.  The Herpetarium is filled with reptiles.  Elm Creek Backyard offers a chance to see and learn more about native Texas animals.

13.  Make a Day or Weekend of it!   

Here are some of our favorites activities in the Abilene area!


Fort Imagination at Grover Nelson Park is a terrific playground!  The park also offers a splash pad, lake and sports fields.


Abilene State Park offers a unique camping idea, a yurt!  There is a swimming pool during the summer.  Click HERE to read more about it.


Buffalo Gap Historical Village brings the past to life, with real, furnished buildings you can walk around in, explore and even play! Click HERE to read more about it.


Frontier, TEXAS! is a fun, interactive museum that showcases the history of the Wild West in the Lone Star State!  Click HERE to read more about it.

Perini Ranch offers some of the best steaks in the state!  Don’t believe me?  Just check with Texas Montly, People Magazine and the folks who award the James Beard Award, for starters!  Click HERE to read more about it.


Abilene Zoo

2070 Zoo Lane, Abilene


Click HERE to visit their facebook page.  

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