Screams Halloween Theme Park, Waxahachie

Located on a back road, surrounded by empty farmland, you couldn’t ask for a better location for a Halloween Theme Park then Screams in Waxahachie!  Just the drive out on an early evening in October will frighten you, and once you arrive, the chills keep coming!

Screams shares it’s excellent location with the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, which runs each Spring when the area is covered in wildflowers, the perfect setting for frolicking maids, knights and the occasional fauns to dance around the forest to the sound of flutes.  But in October, it’s frighteningly fun.


1.  Know Before You Go

You can purchase tickets at the door, or online.  Check the website for additional discounts.  For the best discount, purchase a group ticket for 15 or more at $22/each.  Regular tickets $27.

Free Parking

Wear close toed shoes that are easy to walk, and run in!

No Outside Food or Drinks

No costumes are allowed

Use your discretion when bringing young children to Screams.  Spooks are EVERYWHERE, not just in the haunted houses, and they often leave the houses, chasing scared visitors far out of the attraction!  (It’s AWESOME!).  There really aren’t any activities for younger children.  Our six-year-old, who enjoyed the haunted houses at Six Flags (well, during the day) opted to stay with Grandma and bake cookies.  However, there are always quite a few smaller children at Screams.


2.  Haunted Houses

The Ghoulish Graveyard, Castle of Darkness, Hotel of Horror and 3D Pirates of Peril Point are haunted houses, although some/part of them are outside.

The lines are LONG, but worth it!  Typical rules apply, arrive early, stay late for shortest lines.  Also, we try to do the other activities during the busiest hours.


3.  3D Pirates of Peril Point

This was the last haunted house we did, because I really don’t care for anything 3D, and it didn’t look that scary on the outside.  HOWEVER, I loved this!!!  The 3D was amazing!!!


4.  CarnEvil Clown Maze

My favorite is the Clown Maze!  I screamed at the clowns, who chased me, ignored me and made jokes about me, all while I’m screaming.  Once we were good and lost, I just started screaming at everyone I saw!  Strobe lights make it more confusing and harder to tell the geeks from the guest!  Once we found our way out, I ran around and got right back in line!  Although it’s a really good size maze, I wish it was twice as big, because it’s my favorite!


5.  Carnival Games

Expect your typical midway games at Screams, but with a ghoulish twist!


6.  Boo!   

The spooks, ghouls and ghost of Screams are some of the nicest people!  They are more than happy to pose for pictures!



7.  Wax Hands

Be sure and visit Dave at the Wax Hands booth and get your own hand cast in Wax (while in WAXahachie….).  Really, this is super cool for a couple, or by yourself!  Dave and the Wax Hands are a permanent fixture, so look for them during Scarborough Faire, too!



8.  Get Your Palm Read

So, I snuck away from the hubby and kids for a bit and had my palm read!  She told me I was going to have 3 kids, be happily married and enjoy telling people about Texas.  Hmmmm……

9.  Food and Drinks

Screams doesn’t allow outside food and drinks, but does sell pizza, sodas and beer.


Screams Halloween Theme Park

2511 FM 66, Waxahachie

Click HERE to visit the website. 

Keep Having Fun in the TEXAS Sun!