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It started when I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who assigned a paper each Monday about how we spent the weekend.  While my friends were writing about soccer games and Saturday morning cartoons (to completely date myself), I was filling up page after page of details on our weekend trips.  My parents loved to travel and explore, and a typical camping trip with them meant driving into the forest, launching a boat and paddling out to the middle of nowhere, and then hiking until we found a good camping spot!  We often ate what we caught fishing, and while on these trips, I saw so many different animals and plant life, but rarely other people!  Other weekends would find us roaming the little towns of West Texas and the Hill Country, tubing the rivers and exploring art galleries and meeting local artist my mother had grown up working with.  Back at school, I loved telling these stories, and giving suggestions to my friends on places they just had to visit, and I still do!

me aug 2012

Now, I’m getting to introduce my husband and kids to many of the same places I was blessed enough to get to visit with my parents.  Like me, they love sharing these stories, and I encourage them to write as much as possible, so you may see some reviews by them as well.

Having Fun in the Texas Sun is a Texas Family Travel Blog, and I share some of my best suggestons, called my Mommy Tips, for helping you have a great time at the different venues we visit.  What you won’t see on HFitTS is negative reviews, because they aren’t fun!  I’ll give you my honest opinion of a place, but if it’s not worth your time, I just won’t do the review.

Please contact me at havingfuninthetexassun@gmail.com 

My kids at Burger's Lake in Fort Worth, 2012
My kids at Burger’s Lake in Fort Worth, 2012

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Guadalupe River 2011
Our family on the Guadalupe River in 2011.
John and Leo in Gruene General store, 2010.
John and Leo in Gruene General store, 2010.

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  1. I recently found and followed your page on Facebook. Wow! I love it!!! So many fun reviews!! How do you fit it all in?!
    Thanks so much for a fantastic resource!!

  2. Fascinating information on the Wichita Mountain National Park, surrounding towns, Meers (?), Medicine Point, activities such as cabins, archery, fishing, hiking, miniature golf, canoeing, etc. I’m from Haysville Ks, and I enjoy your articles (blogs) about the state of Texas, small towns, scenery, local history especially. Please include me in future articles!

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