Isle Du Bois Unit at Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Pilot Point

Isle Du Bois at Ray Roberts Lake State Park sign at sunset

Located on Ray Roberts Lake, the state park consist of nine units. Isle Du Bois Unit is not far from Denton, and about an hour from either Fort Worth or Dallas. It’s a great park and campground for anyone looking to get out of town, year round. We were up on the lake, and I had been hearing so much about the deer in the park, especially a large 10 point buck affectionately known as Manuel, that I wanted to take a drive through the park in hopes of seeing him and other deer. Because no matter how many deer you see, you always want to see more.

As soon as we pulled in and presented my Texas Parks and Wildlife Annual Pass to the man in the window, he asked if we were here to see the deer! He suggested staying on the main road to see the most deer, gave us a map and we were on our way.

Quickly I was reminded of our trip to Yellowstone this past summer, as we joined a line of cars slowly driving to look at the numerous deer along the side of the road! Unlike Yellowstone, everyone was pleasant, stayed in their cars and did not try to approach the deer!

The deer prefer the big open meadows, although as we drove around, they were easy to spot everywhere!

deer grazing at Isle Du Boise at Ray Roberts Lake State Park Texas

The spring fawns have lost their spots but still stay near their mothers and the other deer.

whitetail deer at Ray Roberts Lake State park Texas

Unfortunately, this time we didn’t see Manuel, but by looking at all the fawns, he’s out there somewhere!

Sunset over Lake Ray Roberts at Isle Du Bois in Pilot Point

To end our day, we headed down to the lake to just enjoy the sunset. Check out my pictures from previous visits below and tips from numerous campouts at the park.


Isle Du Bois Unit offers great hiking, camping, mountain bike trails maintained by DORBA, a swim beach, boat ramp and a fishing pier.

If you’re looking for great waterfront camping, our preferred picks are in the Deer Ridge Campground, #54, 72, 71 and 69 respectively. These will all give you nice views of sunset, too.

If using your GPS, be sure to put in the address or you could be taken to one of the other Ray Roberts Lake State Park Units.


Day Use


Interpretive Center


The Randy Bell Scenic Trail is a 2.2 looping trail.


Greenbelt Trail is a 20 mile, multi-use trail for hiking, bikes and equestrian.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

100 PW 4137, Pilot Point

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