Remington Park Horse Racing and Casino, Oklahoma City, OK

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Earlier this year my father-in-law said he’d really like to see all, or as many as possible, of the horse racing tracks around the country, so we originally thought about a huge road trip, then decided that after a couple of tracks we’d probably get bored, and besides, I’d like to have fun exploring the cities the tracks are located in also! So we scaled way back, and decided to see a couple this year and go from there.

In April, we visited Oak Lawn Track in Hot Springs, Arkansas and it was so much fun! My biggest tip for visiting there is to go on a beautiful day when the infield is open!

Something I learned from this is that not all tracks run at the same time! The Southern states have races in the cooler months, which makes sense! It also allows us to spread out our trips a little more!

Last Sunday was the Oklahoma Derby at Remington Park, and I was so excited to see that like the Kentucky Derby, hats are a big deal at the Derby! They even had contest for best hats, most original, cutest couple, etc.! I loved it! We dressed up and had so much fun, even if we didn’t win a prize! I also didn’t have a mint julep, but next time I’m a little more informed, and that’s what this is all about anyways. I did love that people went all out on their hats, even the men, with matching shirts/hats/bows or cute vest that matched. And even the men’s hats were incredible! However, the winning couple was CRAZY CUTE! I said, being from Texas, her hat looked like a Homecoming Mum she was wearing on her head!

Here’s some of my best tips for visiting Remington Park.

1.Parking and admission is FREE, which to a penny-pincher like me is HUGE! Kids are also allowed, but of course can’t place a wager. My 14-year-old came with us and still had a blast watching the horses!

2. The casino is on the 2nd floor, but since my son was with us we didn’t go give them any money. Trust me, we gave enough to the race track.

3. After exploring and watching the horses in the promenade and losing a few races, we were hungry and headed up to Silks, their restaurant on the 3rd floor. I was doubtful, because I didn’t have a reservation, but we were able to be seated at a table next to the window to watch the races. Food was good, a little pricey. We really enjoyed the brisket eggroll appetizers. Unlike Silks at Lone Star Park, where we always need a reservation, they don’t have a buffet, so it’s all off the menu. I noticed people don’t stay for the entire day, either, just eat and go downstairs (I’m sure some do). Also, unlike Silks at Lone Star Park, no one was coming around to take our wagers, we had to get up and go place them at the counters in the back.

4. On the first floor there are tables spread out inside and out, as well as chairs but not really stands like at other tracks. There are food stands, and another restaurant, but we didn’t eat there. The Oklahoma Derby is the only day race, all the others happen in the evening, but after 3pm there was a nice shade across the stand area (or where you would expect to see stands), which made it tolerable even in the 90 degree heat.

5. We didn’t get to give the track as much money as I wanted, as the lines were long where you place a bet, and more than once I missed out on getting a bet in. They have machines, but I have no idea how those work, and I enjoy talking to (and tipping) a real person, anyway.

Remington Park Horse Racing and Casino 

1 Remington Place, Oklahoma City, OK

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