The Largest Floating Waterpark in Texas is at Lake Grapevine

WhoaZone at Lake Grapevine Texas

When you combine the fun of a bounce house and obstacle course with water, you can’t help but have a recipe for FUN! Whoazone on Lake Grapevine, is a terrific inflatable obstacle course waterpark now open for it’s 5th year, and it’s a blast!

WhoaZone at Lake Grapevine Texas

It’s a great activity for families and friends, you can even host birthday parties!


WhoaZone has been open each Summer on Lake Grapevine for several years, and we go at least once or twice a year, and it’s still so much fun! You can purchase one session, add an hour, all day and even season passes!

After getting our wristbands, we were fitted with lifejackets.  To the grimace of my youngest, I tightened his lifejacket. I explained as I pulled it tight, and he objected that they had already tightened it, that there is tight and there is “Mommy Tight”!

Everyone must wear their lifejackets.  You cannot bring your own.

They have boxes available for shoes, phones, sunglasses, etc.

Be sure to apply sunscreen before you go.


After a very short safety discussion, which included not to push each other off and ABSOLUTELY NO SWIMMING UNDER THE FLOATS, we were on our way!  It felt like a 5K as everyone began running out to be first on the course!

We were able to walk out quite a ways, but we did have to swim the final few feet before reaching the course!


Each session last an hour, which includes a 10 minute safety orientation and 50 minutes on the course.


The course is challenging, and so much fun!  I quickly realized what “sea legs” means, because the floats are floats, and they move and bounce, which is part of the fun!


If and when you fall off, or jump off, there are handy steps to climb back up!


And it’s slippery, too, especially the wetter it gets!  It’s just so much fun!


After a couple of attempts, my husband made it up!  Falling back down is half the fun!

While the majority of the participants were kids, there were a lot of adults, too!  It’s really fun for everyone!


While it took me almost the full 50 minutes to make it around the entire course twice, my youngest was running around it like a champ!  A wet champ!


We loved the slide!


There is something about having a camera that just attracts people to you.  This guy kept asking me to take his picture doing flips!


That’s my oldest hovering over the water!  You can jump in anywhere off the obstacles, and you can do flips, but no diving.


My daughter jumping off.  The water is about 6′ deep at the start and a little more than 8′ deep here.

After my first time around, I decided to hang out and get some pictures in the water!  It’s a workout!

The entire course is roped off so that boats, kayaks, etc. cannot come in.


My son showing off for me.


There are several lifeguards and I felt comfortable with my kids there.


Some boys were doing flips on the trampoline!


We were barefoot.  So were MOST of the participants.  Some of the lifeguards said water shoes give you a little more grip, but most preferred bare feet.

I never felt the course was hot on my feet.


Make sure anything you bring it tied on.  I have a float on my Ricoh Waterproof camera, in case I dropped it.

Now that I have these pictures, when we go again I’d not bring it.  It’s hard to run and climb when you’re holding a camera or phone.  While I love my pictures, I would have enjoyed the experience more with 2 free hands!

If you wear sunglasses, be sure to have a float strap!  I like these Chums off Amazon, click HERE to see them.

I am an Amazon Affiliate, so I make a small commission if you purchase.  It’s small, so I’m really just suggesting you need to not lose your sunglasses!



There is a daily entrance fee per car to enter the park, in addition to the fee charged by WhoaZone.

WhoaZone offers online reservations, and there is a savings to purchase online instead of at the park.

WhoaZone also offers umbrella and chair rentals, which are great if you’re just watching. Or you can bring your own chairs and shade.

Wear water shoes in the water and on the beach.  There were many sharp rocks.


There are shaded tables a little further down, too!


And a neat playground!


Know Before You Go

Bring your cooler, but leave alcohol and glass at home!

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3000 Meadowmere Park, Grapevine

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