Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri


That was obviously what first caught my attention about the Saint Louis Zoo! Admission to the zoo is FREE, which is incredible!

And the Zoo is incredible, too! While they do make money on concessions and some special exhibits like the sea lions, stingrays, train, PARKING, etc, you can still see so many amazing animals without paying!

Free Saint Louis Zoo Missouri

I love that it’s the Saint Louis Zoo, instead of the St. abbreviation.

Parking lot at Saint Louis Zoo

The Zoo is located in beautiful Forest Park, which is also home to the St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum and the St. Louis Science Center.

Tips for visiting the Saint Louis Zoo

Here’s a couple of money saving tips!

Street Parking is FREE, so arrive early or after lunch for the best chance to snag a parking spot!

Pack a lunch! The Saint Louis Zoo allows you to bring in outside food.

Herpetarium at Saint Louis Zoo

The Zoo’s Herpetarium was built in 1927, and is really beautiful.

Primate Canopy Trail at Saint Louis Zoo

The Primate Canopy Trails was my favorite exhibit, getting a closer view of the animals!

The grounds at the Saint Louis Zoo are absolutely beautiful, with beautiful plants and landscaping and seeming part botanical gardens, too!

Big cats at Saint Louis Zoo
Takin at Saint Louis Zoo

A Takin. I’ve never seen one before so this was pretty cool.

Saint Louis Zoo

The sea lions have a really cool tunnel where you can watch them swimming! It’s free, but there is a charge for the sea lion show. The shows were sold out when we went to get tickets, so I’ll go there first next time!

Orangutan at Saint Louis Zoo
Kali the Polar Bear at Saint Louis Zoo

By far the coolest animal was the Polar Bear! This is only the second polar bear I’ve ever seen!

Kali was wild born, rescued after his mother was shot by a hunter. To read more of his story, click HERE.

Puffins at Saint Louis Zoo
King Penguins at Saint Louis Zoo
Penguin at Saint Louis Zoo

Somehow we walked in the Penguin House in the EXIT door. Hindsight, I believe someone was just holding the door open and we thought we could just walk in. Once inside, we didn’t notice we were going against traffic because we were looking a penguins and everyone else was running back and forth, but leaving through the door marked EXIT at the front, we were met by a LONG line of people waiting to get in! So, our bad. But it is cool and one of the zoo’s free attractions.

Alligator at Saint Louis Zoo

See ya later…..

The Saint Louis Zoo

1 Government Dr., St Louis MO

Click HERE to visit their website

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