Meridian State Park

West of Waco, Meridian State Park offers visitors the opportunity to hike, camp, fish, swim, cycle and other outdoor activities amongst the rolling hills and dramatic limestone features of the area. Lake Meridian is a small, no wake lake perfect for a day paddling, fishing for largemouth bass, or swimming.

Like all state parks, advance reservations for camping and day use are suggested.

Check out my tips before you visit, and as always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about visiting the park!

Meridian State Park
Swim beach at Meridian State Park during the Winter.
The Meridian State Park Swim Beach on a chilly January day.

Bosque Hiking Trail around Meridian Lake at Meridian State Park

The Bosque Hiking Trail follows Lake Meridian, with some nice ascents and descents on a mostly limestone trail.

Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and it’s a nice hike to practice using trekking poles if you’re just starting! Bring along your binoculars for views across the lake!

This is the Trailhead at the Shinnery Ridge West Primitive Camping Site. You can pass several overnight and day camping areas along the trail.

We saw about 11 armadillos along this trail, all rooting in the dirt for lunch. It will forever be known to us now as the Armadillo Trail.

Lake Meridian under a blotchy, winter sky at Meridian State Park, Texas

A view of Lake Meridian on a wintry day from the Bosque Hiking Trail.

Meridian State Park

This unique feature is known as Bee Ledge.

The Bosque Trail at Meridian State Park A Texas State Park

Meridian State Park

173 Park Rd. 7, Meridian 

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