Galveston Island Ferry

Some of the best things to do when visiting Galveston Island are FREE!

The Galveston Island Ferry is one example.



We love to ride the ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach, or eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Stingaree.   But the ferry is the only access to Bolivar Peninsula from Galveston, and many commuters depend on it daily, creating long lines!  Sometimes, we just want to go for a ride and look for the many dolphins that can be seen along the waterway!

To avoid the long lines, we park our car in the parking lot and just walk right on the boat!


From the top, you have a terrific view!  You can spot lots of seagulls, pelicans, frigates and of course, dolphins!

Frigates are amazing birds, that spend most of their life flying! You’ll see them flying over the boats way up high on days with good weather. They are easy to spot, dark birds with angular wings and a long tail. The females and juveniles have a white patch under their throats while the males have a brilliant red area during mating season!

One of the best places to see dolphins is on the Bolivar Peninsula side. You can even park your car and walk out on the jetty for a better and longer look!

Feeding the seagulls is permitted on the back of the boat!



Plenty of water traffic exist on the crossing, too!  From shrimp boats to giant ships bound for the Houston Ship Channel from countries around the world pass through here.


You also pass Seawolf Park during the approximately 20 minute ferry ride.  Seawolf Park is named after the lost USS submarine “Seawolf”.   Visitors can tour the submarine Cavalla and a destroyer escort, one of only two in the country, the USS Stewart.

The park also offers fishing on their lighted fishing pier, and sleepovers for groups of 20 or more!  Admission for parking and all activities.  Click HERE for more information.


My Mommy Tips: 

  • There are public restrooms on the ferry, but no diaper changing facilities.
  • I’ve always taken my children, even when they were very little, on the ferry, but kept a death grip on them!   Please supervise your children at all times!
  • Upstairs you can stand outside to watch the ships and dolphins, or enjoy the air conditioned and heated inside seating area.

Galveston Island Ferry   

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