The Amazing Dream Park in Fort Worth Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again


Having just opened at one of our favorite parks, Trinity Park on the Trinity River, we couldn’t wait to visit the new Dream Park in Fort Worth!  A FREE, inclusive park for all abilities, it’s a great concept park where no child should ever feel they are left behind because of a disability!  I loved this quote from park board member, Sandy Mesch, “Not only is it benefiting disabled children, but it also allows more able bodied children to learn acceptance of the perspectives and perceptions of others with limited abilities and to learn they are not so different.”.


We rounded up some of our top playground expects to check it out, too!


Having older kids, you always worry if there will be enough room for them to play, but there were kids of all ages at the park, and it was definitely big enough for everyone, with lots of activities for both 10 and 11 year olds and preschoolers!

Fort Worth Dream Park at Trinity Park All-Inclusive Playground

The things to do are only limited by their imagination!


And down to the tiniest details, it’s an exciting place to explore!


Although there isn’t a splash area, there was a lot of shade on some parts of the park.  I would definitely suggest visiting earlier in the day before it gets too hot!


There are so many great slides!


And two zip lines!


Every kids dream treehouse, without you needing to build it!  I even did the big, green slide!


There are plenty of picnic spaces and big trees for shade, so I’d definitely suggest bringing a small ice chest with cold drinks and snacks or even a picnic lunch!  In the past, we’ve loved grabbing the Backdoor Chicken at the nearby Velvet Taco, a whole rotisserie chicken in amazing herbs, potato salad and fresh flour tortillas, enough food for a family of 4!  Of course, we’d usually throw in a few tacos, too!  Obviously, glass and alcohol aren’t allowed at the park.

Just off the Trinity Trail, it’s also a fun place to bring your bikes for a bike ride along the river, or you can even rent adult size bikes at the kiosk in front of the park!

Dream Park is open any time that Trinity Park is open, 5am – 11pm, 7 days a week.  Although there aren’t restrooms at the park, there are port-a-pottys.  Take the kids before you go.  For a quick run, head over to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, just across the street.

The Forest Park Miniature Train, which I totally suggest as something to do in the area,  does have a depot stop in Trinity Park, but I really recommend you not get off the train to visit the park, as they only pick back up if they have room, and that often doesn’t happen.   The train runs Friday – Sunday.


Things To Do in Fort Worth


The Fort Worth Zoo has so much to do!  The new African Savannah exhibit is just amazing, and the Safari Splash is a great way to cool off on a hot day!

The Fort Worth Stockyards has so many fun things to do with kids, including the FREE Cattle Drive twice a day!

On a hot day we enjoy the cool mist of the FREE Fort Worth Water Gardens in Downtown Fort Worth!


After a day of playing at the Dream Park, we headed over to the Woodshed Smokehouse on the Trinity River!  The kids loved playing while we watched from our table and chatted!

Fort Worth Dream Park

2001 University Dr., Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.

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